Christ’s Government


For those of you who do not subscribe to the Christian faith, let me explain one of our central tenets. It is simply this: Either you are Christ’s, or you are not.

The above statement is logically true. Divide the universe of people into those who are ruled by Christ as King and Lord, and those who aren’t, and you can’t have someone in both camps. Either you are, or you are not, governed by Christ. Christ was quite clear on this, saying He came to divide families and husbands and wives and children and parents along this very line.

This leads to the second question: What kind of king is Christ?

And the last question: Shall I subject myself to Christ? And the corollary: Should my government be subject to Christ?

Either we are Christ’s, or we are not. Either our Federal, State, and Local Governments are Christ’s, or they are not.

Let’s focus on the middle question: What kind of king is Christ? This will help us decide not only whether we should subject ourselves to Him, but how to do it.

First off, above all else, Christ is a man, but more importantly, He’s an ideal. We say he is “Counselor”, “Wonderful”, the “Prince of Peace”, the “Everlasting Father”, the “King of Kings”, and all these things. But keep in mind, a statement that says X is Y defines X as much as it defines Y. Christ is defined by these ideals as much as He defines these ideals.

But we also have Christ’s word, recorded plainly in the Bible. While the religions and sects disagree on most everything about what those words actually mean, there is a lot of common ground. Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, and almost all others agree on a very large body of doctrine.

No one can deny Christ’s unequivocal exhortation to first love God, and then love your neighbor as yourself. No one can deny Christ’s unequivocal exhortation to serve each other, to bless each other, to turn the other cheek, to agree quickly one with another, and so on and so forth.

From Christ’s doctrine, we have the foundation of faith, faith in logic and reason (because Christ is logic and reason), faith in free speech and free worship because Christ allows us to worship and speak freely, faith to trust each other because Christ trusts us first, faith in self-governance because Christ exhorts us to govern ourselves.

I cannot deny that today’s world is woefully miseducated and undereducated on Christ’s doctrine. It is almost pointless to debate those who haven’t spent the time it takes to read the Bible cover to cover, several times over, and ponder upon the meaning of it all for themselves. So much of what we think we know about the Bible is simply not true.

It is hard enough to show how idiotic it is to turn over the controls of charity to the government when it is plain in the scriptures that charity should be an individual, private act.

The remedy is, quite simply, more Bible, more reading, more pondering, and more discussion. Until you understand the Bible, you cannot really make a decision on whether to accept Christ as your King, or whether he is unworthy of such adoration and worship. And when you see Christians from every corner of our land trying to subjugate our governments to the ideals that Christ taught and lived by, you cannot know whether you are doing good or evil in opposing them, unless you know the Bible and know what Christ truly is.

You who hate the Christian but do not know the Bible are living a lie. You are lying to yourself. You must, simply, learn what Christ really is and then you will be able to make a decision for yourself based on truth and not on error. If you know who Christ truly is, then you can, in good conscience, condemn or exalt the Christian.

There is a reason why the people of the United States established this nation under God. There is a reason why we have always intermixed religion and government, in fact, governed by the tenets of our religion. There is a reason why that is responsible for our superiority, and nothing else can be. There is a reason why our Founding Fathers exhorted us to first be virtuous and full of faith and then worry about government.

You cannot understand that reason without first understanding Christ. I believe once you understand Christ, you will happily subject yourself and our government to the true ideals of Christ.


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