I’m not paying that fine


The president is propsing a federal fine to those who don’t have health insurance.

I’m not paying that fine.

I’d like to see where the federal government can fine me for living. I have a right to live.


6 Responses to “I’m not paying that fine”

  1. American Says:

    As soon as a majority of Americans begin to accept and pay the asking tax for those without insurance then we will be locked in a situation that surely hurts all……we all, we as We The People must stop all attempts to pay this unconstitutional tax and all other laws that have been imposed illegally upon the American people who have sat by and let these laws pass because they are to apatathic and only worries about how many more ATVs or vehicles or toys or whatever else they can get or keep….long as the majority of Americans have it easy they will be content and not take that step to stand all together and stop those imposing Communism upon us….what we are in need of is a person such as yourself, that is if your verbal oration is as good as your written one, someone who is not afraid to loose all in the efforts of gaining everything for all Americans…..Johnaton, I do not know of you except for your writtings but you must be some sort of teacher or one that has been well educated….in any case maybe you should also step up and help in the saving of our Republic……..God Bless America…Mike

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I am doing all I can. With five kids, a wife, a job, and a church to support, what spare time and money I have goes into whatever political efforts I can. I wish I had an ATV, but honestly, I’d rather see the money go into helping the poor, financing missionaries, or even supporting honest and wise candidates for office.

  2. American Says:

    We, wife and I, are bless, that is if I can one day truely say I believe in God, this has been an on going struggle within myself for many years, mostly in the last year…..I was raised a Catholic and attended a private catholic school with nuns and priests, of which they did utilize corporal punishment…..and I too agree with you that it is nice having toys but it would be better to pay for a familys years worth of food to those family and children needing it…..however I often seen people standing around with a sign to help them as they are either hungry or homeless, but we cannot believe them all, we do not see much of it here where we live here in Idaho but we do travel often to las vegas and there they are everywhere…..today is a day that should be a day of REMEMBERANCE of 9/11….

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Couple of things: God isn’t found in theories and human reasoning. He’s in the scriptures and He’s at the other end of your prayers. You can only find him by immersing yourself in the scriptures and by praying, sincerely, to Him.

      Two: Yes, not all of those people with signs are honestly broke. There are, however, institutions and organizations in our communities that are designed to get these people back on our feet. Don’t give them a buck or two. Give it to the local soup kitchen and tell the beggars that there is plenty of help for them there.

      Three: Let us never forget 9/11. If we forget it, we will repeat it. In many ways, 9/11 is a repeat of 12/7 since we forgot the lesson of that terrible day that should have lived on in infamy. We must remember why we make guns and airplanes and bombs and why we have a military ever ready to kill on our behalf. It’s not because the world is full of Mother Theresa’s but quite the opposite. When the day comes when we no longer have to learn or practice war, I will happily, happily accept it. That day is not today.

  3. American Says:

    I do not believe a day of “PEACE” will every arrive to the human race as we are designed by God to have this, I will call it, “nitch” about violence and dominance. These two factors always leads to one or more people commiting violent acts upon one or many, innocent or targeted….we surely are surrounded by evil humans and as Thomas Jefferson or someone like him said, “for evil to florish is for good men to do nothing”, sorry I am sure it is not the exact pharsing…..today I go to a church where a friend of mine have been for some time pushing me on, I guess I am jeoleaus when I hear others telling me how something in their lives changed them to follow Christ or a vision or something, all I have is my past years of living…..I wish that we, as Americans, can find God in our lives and correct the ongoing destruction of our Republic….

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      PEACE will not come from men. Your observations are correct. Humans, by default, are crude, horrible animals. Only by tempering their passions and restricting their behavior can they begin to approach good. And even then, their hearts need to be changed to desire to do good forever.

      The question is: How can we change people’s hearts to do good forever? The answer is Christ.

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