To The Christian Who Supports Homosexual Unions


To the Christian who supports homosexual unions:

Two things:

One: Why should we allow homosexual unions? Or, should the only foundation for a family be a husband and wife?

Two: If so, should this be a law written into our state code?

The answer to one is very plain to those who believe the scriptures. First, only sexual relationships between spouses is permitted under God’s law in every age, even in the New Testament. What is a married couple? It is a union of a man and a wife. The rare exception, and apparently only with the express permission of God, is polygamy or one man and multiple wives. Even then, it is quite easy to sin.

We cannot redefine a single syllable of God’s revealed words. If they are God’s word, then we must, by the very nature of those words, seek to understand them and not impose our own understanding on them. Thus, the word “marriage” and related words in the Bible mean what they meant 50 years ago, as well as 2,000 years ago.

Two: Should we have a state law dictating the same? I say, “yes”.

Why do we need laws? Laws are imposed by the people, for the people. That is, the people are the ultimate authors of the law and responsible for them. As well, the law is intended to benefit the people as a whole.

I strongly believe that alcohol should never be consumed and that tobacoo should not be smoked. That’s a fundamental religious belief, comparable to my belief that God lives and Jesus is the Christ. It’s not open for debate in my mind. If someone honestly asked me If I would support a law banning such things, I would say, “Yes.” However, that is just me.

When the state, the great majority of it, agrees that tobacco and alcohol have no redeeming value to anyone in consumption, then we can start talk about writing a law dictating such.

On marriage, my thoughts are the same. I believe, fundamentally, that the foundation for every family should be a loving father and a loving mother. I believe that children deserve a loving father and a loving mother. I don’t believe that it does any child any good to be adopted into a home without both a loving father and a loving mother.

To put homosexual relationships as somehow co-equal to heterosexual marriages violates this fundamental principle. If someone asked me if I’d support such a law, I’d say, “No.” Because the vast majority of the state agrees with me—that every child deserves a loving father and mother—I believe we should have a law forbidding any other kind of union except a heterosexual marriage as a place where a child can be adopted into.

With custody and such, there is a lot of gray area. Yes, I believe it is good to leave a child with the surviving parent in case of death. Yes, I believe it is good to leave a child with one or both parents in divorce. What if one of those parents became embedded in a homosexual relationship? I’d prefer that the welfare of the child were considered and that homsexual relationships were frowned upon because they do not build families with a loving father and mother.


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