“You Lie”


Representative Joe Wilson, republican from South Carolina, shouted, “You lie!” to President Obama’s face as he gave his speech before a joint session of congress.

Of course Rep. Wilson apologized, not for the content but the delivery. After all, only leftists and democrats are allowed to shout down the president in the middle of a speech. It was inappropriate for a republican and a patriot to shout down his own president, regardless of whether he was born in the United States, enacting policies designed to destroy our great republic, or telling the largest fibs in United States history.

Vice President Biden announced he was embarrassed. (link) Of couse he should be. I’d feel embarrassed if I told a fraction of the lies that the administration has in that speech alone.

My take on it is this.

One, we are under attack. Our constitution has been assaulted on all sides for the past hundred years. Today, it barely means anything to anyone. The enemies of our constitution are, of course, those outside our borders who would see America fall from glory into the mediocrity that is the status quo of human nature. That is, into tyranny and despotism, where the people are little more than pawns to be manipulated, sheep to be herded, and pork to be slaughtered and served to their masters.

Two, when our rights are assaulted, we are justified in using violent force to protect them, regardless of the mechanims that our enemies use. The Declarataion of Independence is quite plain on this topic. Governments exist to serve the people by protecting their God-given rights, and when they no longer do, it is time to overthrow the government and replace it with one that will.

Three, the president and congress serves us, not we them. This is a concept that Obama and the democrats have a difficult time understanding. No, you cannot borrow money and expect us to pay it back. No, you cannot spend and tax as you please, ignoring the plain language of Article 1, Section 8. No, you cannot pretend you have powers you do not have. No, you cannot abuse the people when they exert their natural, God-given rights.

These things above mean that we the people have a duty to stand up against our president, in any forum. Any president that would sell us out to our enemies, apologize for crimes we did not commit, and bankrupt our country needs to be stopped.

He who is our common enemy has no right to take any podium and has no right to be heard. He who is our common enemy must be thwarted in every effort.

Let us stand up against President Obama and against hte tyranny of massive government debt, massive government spending, and his proposals to destroy our free society. Let us use every opportunity to denounce his lies, with shouting if necessary, and prevent his lies from being heard.

Would that every republican in that congress shouted down the president after the first big whopper he told. Would that President Obama had been driven from the chambers, rightly mocked and scourged for abusing our fundamental rights.


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