Almost 1% of the US Shows Up at DC


The official count will never be tallied, but early estimates have the number of people at DC today over 2,000,000. (link)

That’s about 1 out of every 100 people in the United States, showing up in Washington D.C. with a simple message:

Get government out of our lives.

The people have spoken. They shall speak again until government hears them.


One Response to “Almost 1% of the US Shows Up at DC”

  1. American Says:

    I have a friend that called me from their and indicated that he felt that over a half a million people or more were there as he indicated that road blocks, police and other personnel were everywhere for crowd control…I went to a 912Project gathering here in Pocatello, Idaho and we had a crowd of over a 2000 people in a town of 50,000, not as much as I had hoped but there were almost 5 other activities ongoing, like a hugh auction sale, Irish games, the Eastern Idaho State Fair, a couple of other things also at the Idaho States University’s campus….not giving excuses, but I am sure more would have come….but that is almost 5percent of our population…..

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