Liberty vs. Tyranny


On government, there is really only one question, and there is really only one correct answer.

The question is simply this: “Liberty or Tyranny?”

What is liberty? Liberty is freedom—freedom that doesn’t come at a cost to anyone else. Liberty is the freedom to wake up in the morning and pursue what you think is best to pursue. Liberty is the freedom to succeed and keep the fruits of your success, or to fail and reap the bittersweet. Liberty is the freedom to love, to hate, to sing, shout, dance, play, work, sleep, think, and do all manner of things we, as human beings, are given just by being born.

Liberty is also the freedom to trade and manufacture, to build and share, or to sell and buy.

On the other hand, is tyranny. Tyranny is simply liberty bought with someone else’s blood, sweat, and tears. It is liberty that comes by taking food out of someone else’s mouth and eating. It is the kind of liberty that is no liberty at all, but another thing we call “dependence”. It is the slavemaster of the slave. It is the king over his subjects. It is the lord over his serfs. It is all these things, and more.

Tyranny is Hitler’s death camps, complete with medical experiments and gas chambers. Tyranny is Stalin’s Ukraine, with millions of moldering bodies, starving in the bread basket of Europe after one of the most bountiful harvests ever. Tyranny is Southeast Asia’s killing fields, with skulls stacked one atop each other, unnamed and uncountable. Tyranny is the prisons of Cuba and North Korea, where not even free thought is allowed.

Tyranny is also the taxman telling us that we have to fork over our paychecks to let Uncle Sam take his “fair share” before we can even touch it. Tyranny is the regulator telling us that we can’t buy and sell what we like, despite our best interests and the good of mankind. Tyranny is the censor who prevents us from speaking our mind. Tyranny is the man who shouts “racist!” when faced with political debate. Tyranny is the group who kick a black man while he is down, because he dares to speak out for freedom and individuality. Tyranny is the doubt at the back of your mind, that you shouldn’t say something negative about something, despite their race, or worse, you shouldn’t say something nice.

Government has to make a decision. Will it use its awful power to the ends of liberty or tyranny?

Governments in all ages past may have started with good intentions. The result has always been the same. That result is tyranny. It is nothing new, nothing surprising, and nothing unusual. When you find yourself in a foreign land, your expectations should be that any government in operation is there to extract taxes and beat the people down. That’s the way the world has worked for almost everyone at all times in history.

But America has bucked that trend. We were the not first country to stand up and shout “No!” to a tyrannical government, but we were the first to leave a new government behind properly bound in shackles and limitations such that its only pursuit could be the happiness of her people.

That isn’t so much true today as it was long ago, at least in certain areas. In other areas, we enjoy greater liberty than our forefathers did. (Certainly true, if you forefathers were bought and sold as slaves.)

It’s good to reflect from time to time on what makes us free and what makes us not free. And it’s good to put those principles into practice. It’s even better to do this without any influence whatsoever from the sitting government, so that we can judge their actions by our own light and knowledge.

3 Responses to “Liberty vs. Tyranny”

  1. American Says:

    Ben Franklin wrote “He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither”, I believe we are there today…..but due to various media outlets, mostly FOX, many Americans are now waking to what is going on…my question is this as I have mentioned before, “are we past the point of rescue”…I want to believe that most Americans, if not all humans, never want to live under tyranny, especially if they have means of preventing such an enviornment from happening…..I believe strongly in the 2nd Ammendment and believe that those pushing to remove or continually restrict the 2nd Ammendment are those who which to be the leaders of a tyrinical government….one of which we now have many members within our government wanting this done….but as I indicated we are luck that many more Americans are waking and getting off of their butts, not just they have become more knowledgable but because now they are realizing that it may be to late……this is why we MUST vote out those who do not follow our Constitution or are attempting to destroy our Constitution, vote in Nov 2010….

  2. Jeffrey Liakos Says:

    Jonathan Gardner, what are your thoughts regarding Mark Levin? I love his shows and his books personally.

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