The Problem of Dealing with the Devil


The devil has an attractive offer, one that many are clamoring to partake in. It’s simply this: Sell out all that is good and moral, and I’ll give you anything you want.

The problem with this proposition is that the devil is a liar, and has alway been, and wll ever be. He won’t give you money or power or women or anything like that. Sure, you may profit for a season, but in the end, you’ll be worse off than when you started.

Some of you who are virulently anti-religion think I’m talking about an imaginary character made up to scare children. Just like you can think of God as the personification of good, justice, morality, mercy, beauty, and love, you can think of the devil as everything else: evil, injustice, immorality, cruelty, ugliness, and hatred.

These things may give you profit for a time, but the end result is never what you wanted.

That’s what’s happening to the left right now. They thought they could lie, cheat, steal, and prostitute their way to power. Sure enough, they are in power now. But is it really the kind of power they wanted? Now, they have to keep the lies and the cheats and the thefts and the prostitutions working at a higher degree just to maintain their power. President Obama is no more powerful at pushing health care socialization than he was when President Bush was in power and both houses were run by the republicans. He can no more balance the budget or fix the problems of racism in our country than he could when he was a student in college.

In the end, the devil’s plan will result in their complete collapse. That is, unless they change.

Somewhere along the line, those who play the devil’s game will have to start changing their own rules back to God’s plan. It’s a painful process, both because it means giving up your fast cars, painted whores and pay-to-play schemes, and even handing the gavel over to people who don’t play the way you played your game. But it’s the only way to move in a positive direction.


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