What Motivates Them


To someone who is born and raised conservative, conservatism isn’t a choice between one political philosophy or another. Conservatism is a life-view built around the way life really is. Humans are despicable creatures that need to be tamed. Society can be an ugly thing without strict rules enforced. The only hope of mankind lies in a God whose wisdom and compassion surpass anything we can imagine. The only object worthy of desire or worship are abstract concepts of perfection: love, justice, mercy, and salvation.

To the other side, this sounds like lunacy. Despite the fact that this worldview and this worldview alone accounts for the dramatic success of Western European countries compared to countless millennia of human history, and in particular, the “New World” thirteen colonies we now know as the United States of America, they cling to their beliefs about the way things are and the way things should be.

There are many reasons why one might cling to liberalism like a vassal serving a failed lord. Of the several, I believe ignorance, or its sister weakness, naivety are to blame.

Let me expound.

To the liberal, socialism seems like a really good idea. However, we know from sad experience, that not even the most brilliant socialist can be trusted with power. Indeed, no one can be trusted with power. Take the most brilliant doctor of philosophy, or the most ardent supporter of religion, and make them a socialist African dictator, and the end result, inevitably, is death and inequality. Take a man who simply wants to make life fair and peaceful, and elevate him to power in Cambodia, and mountains of skulls pile up. Take a world vision for peace, and start it with a revolution in Russia, and the entire country of Ukraine, the bread-basket of Europe, starves to death by the millions.

To the conservative, no one can be trusted with power. That power must needs be distributed among the people individually and retained as individual rights. The government must needs draw their power from the consent of the governed. That government must be created in a way that only the defense of liberties is possible, and all else will result in a stalemate of conflicting interests. This is common sense to us, because we see the world for what it really is.

Socialist policies in the United States have likewise been a failure. Social Security was supposed to provide retirement for the masses. Its payouts are barely enough to sustain life in retirement, yet it takes so much out of the salaries of ordinary Americans. A similar amount of money, invested modestly, would return several thousand times more benefits than the costs. This program, too, was born out of liberal ignorance. Ponzi schemes simply do not work, except for the short time in the beginning. In the hands of government, it becomes a disaster as the surplus income is squandered on pet projects and corrupt schemes. Today, the Social Security program is a few short years away from bankruptcy.

Conservatives understood this, which is why they demanded no such program be created, and instead, the people be left to do with their money as they saw fit. While many people would be unable to plan for and properly prepare for retirement, it is no excuse to punish everyone together. Instead, if you want to help people prepare for retirement, you must educate them in the truth about reality.

Today, President Obama is pitching outright lies (or, as a former Greenpeace leader admitted, “emotionalisms”) to congress, the American people, and the world. He is proposing dramatic, permanent change away from the system of checks and balances upon government and between governments to address these lies. Why does he do it?

I believe he is ignorant and naive.

He doesn’t understand enough to realize that what he is advocating is not just dangerous to the US, but dangerous to himself. The same controls that keep him in power keep a mob of people from starting a civil war with Obama as the target for a lynching. We didn’t adopt this system because we were racists or hatemongers bent on keeping a segment of the population in subservience. No, this system was designed to provide exactly what it wants to provide: domestic tranquility. Topple the system that has worked, largely, for the past 200 plus years, and you lose the tranquility that came with it.

He is naive to believe that his actions are either benefitting himself or helping the causes he believes in (if indeed he really cares about helping the poor and needy and not establishing a tyrannical government.) While we get to choose what courses of action we take, we are not free to choose what effects those will have on ourselves and others.

From whence does the ignorance and naivety of the left come from? I propose several sources.

One is broken homes. Without a father and a mother, children do not receive the necessary education to survive in, let alone understand, the world around us. If there were a mother and father at home, then the only blame can be poor parenting. Parents don’t just have the right to educate their children, they have the duty to do so. If they fail, no one can fix the damage they have done to their children.

Two is substance abuse. We know from sad experience that chemicals like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and other drugs damage the brain and change the personalities of people who abuse them. Barack Obama is an admitted cocaine and marijuana addict, in addition to an alcohol and tobacco habit. These things damaged his brain, irreversibly, and would make any hope of overcoming his ignorance and naivety difficult if possible at all.

Three is miseducation. As the saying goes, attributed to Adolf Hitler, if you tell a lie often enough, eventually it becomes the truth. Unless you are programmed to constantly seek the truth and always evaluate every claim with skepticism, it is easy to be led astray and come to believe things that are not. A good example of this is the amount of hatred poured on Christians for being ignorant and violent. This is such a common lie that is so easily refuted as to make it laughable to anyone willing to think for a moment on their own free from foreign influence. (Both the scientific and pacifist movements derive from the Christian religion.)

Finally, is moral depravity. To the Christian, truth, morality, Christ and God are all one and the same. You cannot be immoral and intellectual honest at the same time. You cannot be a liar, a thief, a murderer, an adulterer, and a coveter and also be a true seeker of truth. The Greeks understood this. Morality and honesty are inseparable.

These attributes combine to create the perfect ignorant, naive liberal.

It is interesting that the Soviets understood this and used this to attack America’s foundation. By washing our country with broken families, families where education is no longer the priority, drugs and alcohol, miseducation and immorality, they hoped they could crack us and bring us down. Perhaps a weak United States would stop supporting nations in their moment of need, allowing them to degrade into the social chaos that must immediately precede true communism.

Unfortunately, the people of the United States have not all fallen victim to this trap. There are a great number of families who quietly, but effectively, raise children free from miseducation, moral depravity and substance abuse. These countless millions are today standing up, against the federal government, in defense of individual liberties.


2 Responses to “What Motivates Them”

  1. jason Says:

    if we aren’t going to trust elected officials with this power, who can, at least, be replaced in subsequent elections, why then would we trust businesses, who’s primary goal is to make money? We once had businesses in this country that “required” slave labor to operate, and the nation fought a war over this.
    We are moving once again to a nation (or nations, if your view extends beyond our borders) where those that control the wealth (the capital of your precious, infallible capitalism) are able to make the rules as they see fit. Where do your notions of truth get you when you are faced with greed and corruption by the financial leaders?
    It’s a rhetorical question. It’s not possible to believe, as you do, that government can’t fairly fix the problems of the nation (or world) and at the same time want to be elected to that government. We saw what happened when someone that doesn’t believe in the power of government to do good is in control … 8 years of Bush (and, for most of it, republican controlled congress) and the nation took a nose dive.
    Of course, for you those were probably a great 8 years, while the wealth of the nation didn’t increase, the gap between the haves (who are inherently good and holy, or else they wouldn’t have, right? A simple tautology, unfortunately it’s false) and the have nots (who must be morally depraved, else they’d be haves).
    I suspect this won’t be read by any free thinkers … I must confess to finding almost nothing redeeming in your screed, beyond the correct spelling and grammar. I hope when you find your lot in life to change, or meet some of the morally depraved you look down upon and find out that life is much more complicated than your narrow view permits you to see, that you’ll feel at least a little shame for your condescension towards your betters (i.e. people like Obama who try hard to make government work to the betterment of it’s constituents).

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      The point is you don’t trust businesses. No one is asking you to. If you don’t like the way company A does business, don’t deal with company A. Go to company B, C, or D, or start your own company.

      Besides, I would rather have people trying to make a buck off of me (businesses) than people trying to take my money away (government and thieves.)

      If the financial sector becomes greedy and dishonest and corrupt, then you have a market adjustment, Wall Street collapses as a house of cards, and the banks outside of Wall Street that were carefully writing loans and carefully managing their customers by providing actual customer service get to buy up the remnants. Why in the world we decided to bail out a failing industry is beyond my understanding. Let the corrupt go the way that all the corrupt go—into the dustbins of history.

      History has proven that if there’s anything government can’t do it’s solve problems. Government creates problems, problems that ultimately end up in war between nations or war within a nation. The fundamental problem is trusting people with power. My advice, and the advice of the Founding Fathers is to keep power and people separated at all costs. If there is to be any actual power, slice it up into a billion pieces and give a few pieces to everyone.

      You say you can’t trust business to do anything right. I agree. You say you can trust government. I disagree. Both are made up of people, not angels, and both are fallible. When businesses fail, the worst that happens is I lost my job or my investments. When governments fail, we can lose our very lives!

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