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Cut me out of the health plan, PLEASE!

October 4, 2009

“Compassionate” leftists charge that republicans should be left out of the health care plan—left to die starved of health care—because they oppose the plan.

I say, “PLEASE!”

Please leave me out of the plan to have the government make personal, medical decisions on my behalf.

Please leave me out of a system where doctors are not free to work as they see fit, and patients are not free to see the doctors as they see fit, where both have to beg the government to do that which they would have done naturally.

Please leave me out of a plan where taxes are collected, political supporters are paid off, and what few scraps that are left are used as political tokens to manipulate the public emotion for votes.

Please, please, please! Leave me out of it!

The history of the world shows, quite clearly, that government run anything always ends up with nothing. It is the people who innovate, who create, who profit, and who make something where nothing existed before. It is government who destroys. The best government can hope for is to provide the basic services of civil justice and national defense, leaving the rest to the people. Anything beyond that is tyranny.

So, please! Allow us to opt out of this system.

In the meantime, I’d also like to opt out of medicare, medicaid, social security, unemployment insurance, welfare, education, food stamps and all social services provided by the government. Stop collecting my money for these purposes, and stop providing me with them. If I really, really want them, I’ll pay for as much as I want or I’ll save my money for something more important.

As far as the federal constitution is concerned, We the People opted out of all of these programs a long time ago, and we have yet to opt back in. We have laid down what exactly congress is allowed to do in Article 1, Section 8, and providing charity isn’t found there.