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On the Federal Way School Board

October 8, 2009

There are two races in the Federal Way School Board. There are two candidates that I support.

In the Barney vs. Pirkle race, I endorse Pirkle.

In the Griffin vs. Skipper race, I endorse Skipper.

Let me take some time to explain why.

Charlie Hoff did a wonderful job interviewing the candidates with hard and important questions in the Federal Way News (part 1, part 2). If you can’t see a difference between those trying to get on the board and those already there, let me explain the difference. The current school board has done nothing since they took office. They are, like Emperor Nero, fiddling while Rome (our schools) are burning.

I know and respect Ed Barney. He is a very, very good guy I would trust my cash with. However, he is not a leader on the board. He is a follower. We need leaders, leaders who stand up and say, “Why are our schools failing? Who am I going to fire to make them succeed?” Barney may be good when you have strong leaders on the board like Castellar and Hoff, because he is very good at evaluating options and choosing the best way. But he doesn’t shine without a strong-willed leader.

I don’t know Angela Griffin, although she sounds like a very reasonable and honorable woman. However, like Barney, she doesn’t understand that her job is to make sure the community’s desires are fulfilled. Being on the board, she has the power to call the administration to task and layout solid goals and a vision. If the schools fail, it’s because Barney and Griffin weren’t doing their job.

I know, personally, Steve Skipper. He is your “typical” conservative, someone who believes the principles in the constitution and who believes the people, not the government, are in charge of this country. Steve is a leader. He is someone who gets things done without power endowed by the people. Put him in charge, and he will change the schools. Steve is someone who can’t tolerate failure, and who knows that the way to success is to set high standards and stick to them.

I also know, personally, Bill Pirkle. Bill Pirkle strongly believes, like Steve, that the people are in charge. He has been a leader in government bureaucracy before and knows exactly how to manipulate bureaucrats to do their jobs. If you put him in charge, his very presence will change the attitude in the schools. The teachers union will become visibly disturbed by him. The administration will whisper mean things about him. Parents would wish he would be quiet and go away. But you know what? Your kids will get an education, especially the under privileged and minority students. He will change everything, from the top to the bottom, inside and outside, to set our schools up for unprecedented success.

This year, don’t vote for the nicest or best-spoken candidates. Nice and well-spoken board members don’t get minorities educated. We see that, because we’ve done that.

Vote for candidates that can get things done and lead the school district for success.