What LDS Doctrine has to Say on Elections


The upcoming elections should weight heavily on your minds. You, the citizens of this state, are being called on to choose who your masters will be.

The LDS people are known to vote as a block. This is surprising, I suppose, to many. As a church, we like who we like and we don’t like who we don’t.

What’s even more surprising is that you can go for years without hearing a single endorsement of a candidate in the walls of our churches. Why is it then that we seem to flock to particular candidates without an order from the pulpit, or some steering committee, or something else to guide us?

It’s because of our doctrine on elections.

We like candidates who are, first and foremost, honest. The people of Washington State agree, and so we have laws that mandate transparency and honesty on the part of our elected officials. Honesty is an easy thing to check. Dishonest candidates are never embraced.

We like candidates who are also wise. Who wouldn’t want a wise official? However, the truth is that there are several powers that would like officials who are easily stupified or manipulated. I think we have too many examples of candidates saying one thing and then, in the heat of the moment, doing another. These are not wise candidates, either because they failed to consider beforehand the right course of action, or having discovered it, refused to adhere to it.

We also like our candidates to embrace our principles. Our principles are simply this: That man is accountable to God and none else; that governments are instituted by God to protect the God-given rights of man; and that governments which infringe upon the individual liberties of the people and thus overreached their limits should be overthrown by the people. Gratefully, our revolutions are bloodless and occur on election day each year. If you feel like your government is not protecting your individual liberties, then throw the bums out. If you feel like they are, then keep them. Following this simple rule alone will help you make the right decision 99% of the time.

We also tend not to follow popular perceptions of the above attributes. It seems to be contradictory to the nature of Mormonism which adheres to a strict, common doctrine. However, we value, strongly, our own senses and understandings. That’s why we ask people to ponder and pray, free from distractions, about their voting choices. There are a great number of voices out there who would love to manipulate us to believe one thing or another. Truth can only be found in the quiet moments alone between us and our God.

I think the vast majority of people who practice the above principles will come to choose the same candidates and issues.

As for myself, I will share with you my personal endorsements shortly.


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