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“Reject” R-71

October 24, 2009

There is a simple reason why I rejected R-71. Let me list the most important one.

It is this simple fact: All children deserve a loving father and a mother who love each other and have bound themselves with the bonds of marriage. That is the ideal.

Any law that would equivocate any other type of relationship with the ideal marriage says that children do not deserve the ideal.

And we the people, as individuals, have an interest in seeing children get a loving father and mother who love each other in the bonds of marriage.

That’s the simple answer.

It’s a simple answer that anyone with a modicum of a conscience can see plain as day.

Unfortunately, with many of those who have spent their lives wantonly pursuing their lusts, this kind of conscience is wholly absent from their thoughts. If it does exist, it exists as compass that points south to them.