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Haunted Houses spookier than Al Gore

October 27, 2009

The latest pew poll on climate change has identified that Americans are more likely to believe in haunted houses than Al Gore’s yarn about catastrophic human-caused climate change. (link)  Of course, the greenies are concerned about this. (link) It’s very hard, after all, to impose communism on a people when they are not scared of the demons you’ve invented.

(Hat tip: Climate Depot.)

I think the global warming movement is officially dead. It is unlikely they can do or say anything to convince enough Americans to slit their collective throats, economically speaking, with an insance energy policy whose net effect is to transfer wealth from the poorest among us to Al Gore.

After they’ve lied about the temperature going up in the past decade, lied about the polar bear population diminishing, lied about the ice caps melting, lied about the true impact of CO2 on the climate, lied about the oceans rising, and lied about pretty much everything they’ve claimed, I think the American people are sensing a pattern.

The “stake in the heart” has been the revelation that CO2 is actually not that great of a greenhouse gas, compared to gasses such as water vapor. In fact, even if we dramatically increased the CO2 levels in our atmosphere, the only effect we would see is more abundant plant life across the world. Oh, and perhaps a marginal temperature increase, barring the other effects that we can barely consider but seem to actually exist.

In fact, as our Middle Age ancestors realized, the sun has a far more powerful effect on the weather and the climate than anything we can produce here on earth. A good indicator of how hot or cold it will be is to simply count the number of sunspots. This is a better predictor of climate than anything else, so much so that any honest scientist cannot ignore the evidence. And this is also, surprise surprise, the secret to the Farmer’s Almanac’s impressive record of weather prediction.

Many people look down on Americans because we are not as gullible as they look. This is evidenced by our sincere and unshakable faith on the “Sky God” and his Son. This is also evidenced by our skepticism towards the new theories science invents from time to time, such as evolution. For all the predictions that evolution makes, it won’t forgive our sins or clear our conscience of guilt. Fat lot of good that is, I say.

May we forever be known as the odd nation who refuses to bow down and worship the gods of science and imminent global catastrophe that can only be diverted by a massive government takeover of our private lives.

Request for Comments

October 27, 2009

I’m being quite serious here.

Question: What is the difference between Obama’s vision of the role of the federal government and Kim Jong Il’s vision of the role of the North Korean government?

Please respond with your answers below.

This is deathly important. See, this year, North Korea is likely to produce only 60% of what it produced last year—in food. (link) While South Korea is rapidly becoming an economic powerhouse, North Korea is exploring new depths of poverty unseen in our world’s history.

For those of you who don’t understand why this is important, let me share with you what I, and the majority of the United States citizenry, believe the role of the federal government is.

The federal government exists solely to protect free trade between the states, ensure that contracts are enforced across state borders, and to protect the states from physical threats, foreign and domestic. The federal government also exists to represent the states in international politics. These functions are outlined quite clearly in the Constitution of the United States.

The things that President Obama is attempting to do do not lie within the realm of the role of the federal government. It is not supposed to provide for your retirement or provide health insurance or health care (except as compensation to its employees). It does not exist to keep our streets safe or to limit the trade of potentially harmful substances. It does not exist to tax and distribute those taxes to schools and state governments. It does not exist to control the banking industry, the auto industry, or the medical industry. The only industry it can hope to control is the military industry, and that only because congress writes the checks.

Our view of government as a limited government is where our freedom truly lies. And it is because of our freedoms, not our government, that we have been the most efficient producers of economic wealth in the history of the world. It is also why, even in our poor economic condition, we still continue to run circles around the rest of the world.

When you’ve identified any difference between Kim Jong Il’s vision of unlimited control over the lives of the people and President Obama’s vision of the same, let me know in the comments below.

Remember to keep the comments clean and free from ad hominem attacks.