How Obama Treats the Constitution


It seems that President Obama doesn’t like constitutions. He has openly shredded the Honduran constitution, and forced the Honduran government to behave outside the parameters of that sacred document. (link)

Why is a constitution sacred? Because it confers on government its very existence, and the parameters of its behavior. It is sacred in the same way that God’s empowering of the people with natural rights is sacred, because the people are the god of the government, empowering it with a portion of their individual liberties to protect the same.

It is obvious, based on Obama’s behavior, that he doesn’t consider constitutions as important. What does he think of our own? When he took the oath of office, did he swear a false oath to protect and defend our constitution from enemies foreign and domestic?

Based on his behavior, and based on the bills he is supporting, it is apparent that he did make a false oath.

If we have a government that refuses to be limited by the very document that created the same, what is the recourse of the people? Why should we support a government that doesn’t support our constitution?

I declare, that we live today under tyranny. Our President Obama is no better than the King of England. We are not free. We have no sacred rights. And it will remain so until our government comes to believe again that the constitution binds it in a sacred contract between the people and itself.

All those who believe we have no constitution, or that a constitution is “living”, or that a government need not worry about what the constitution actually says, I declare you to be enemies of freedom and advocates of tyranny. Enjoy your feast while it lasts, because kings and tyrants have an interesting habit of eating their own. The flesh you dine on will soon be your own.

It is interesting to note that the first people to go are people like me, who refuse to bow down and worship government as a god. The second are those who advocated for the destruction of people like me and yet retain some sense of morality and will express shock and outrage when the government they supported begins openly raping, torturing, and abusing the people in unheard acts of brutality.

Stand up now while you still can, or bemoan your future.


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