Uh Oh


If you’re following the election results nationally, you’ll not a few interesting things.

One, Virginia is now a solid red state. Two, New Jersey is now a purple state. Three, RINO’s like Scazzofava are unelectable even in the Northeast.

Here in Washington State. you’ll note that R-71, the referendum that was supposed to pass by a wide margin, is still too close to call.

Something happened, and I think it’s best described as “Uh oh.”

First, credit were credit is due. I think we can all thank Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and other hard-left democrats for the radical shift to the right the country is experiencing. Then we must turn to people like Red State’s Eric Erickson who are helping conservatives feel bold enough to actually behave like they should.

The conservatives in the country are now a plurality—40% to be exact. That’s 4% more than the moderates and 26% more than liberals. We are, once again, a conservative country. Conservatives only need to attract the attention of less than a third of the moderates to win the day in a national election.

If conservatives campaign as Reagan did, on the bold assertion that individual, unalienable rights are the foundation of our country and the only good government is a limited one, then they will easily win. See, even liberals agree that government shouldn’t control people’s lives. Their beef tends to be that the government should enable people to enjoy their freedoms through wealth redistribution and recrimination for inequality.

That is, as long as they are doing the redistributing and recriminating and not suffering on the bad end of that stick.

Conservatives have a duty to do the following in the coming months.

  1. Run for office, at every level, or support honest conservatives who do.
  2. Destroy the moderates and liberals, politically, even if it means shooting oneself in the foot. It is better to have a Pelosi in office than a Reichert at this point.
  3. Expound on their ideals, which are simply this: individual, unalienable rights and limited government.

In short, it’s time to behave a little more like libertarians.

Here are a few issues that we must absolutely support:

  1. A dramatic, permanent cut in government spending and revenue at the cost of socialist programs.
  2. A return to the originalist interpretation of the constitution.
  3. Wielding political power to do the right thing, not to gain more political power. Fall on your swords, so to speak, in defense of the people’s individual rights.

That means there are a few issues that the federal government should get behind that traditional, moderate republicans wouldn’t strongly support. Things like the War on Drugs and the constitutional mandate that states must honor  marriages made in other states need to be fixed.

I believe that we are on the cusp of another 1980 or 1994. If we play our cards right, and stand up for liberty and limited government, then I believe we can see a more productive 2010 as we get a congress that actually “gets it”.


One Response to “Uh Oh”

  1. sobey Says:

    I will move to any state that offers up the most fiscal / socially conservative officials with the taxpayer in mind with the most police and strictest laws on illegal immigrants. I am so sick of the status quo now and the last 20 years. Bring back a president that has some real balls that is NOT PC and that does the right thing for the taxpayer and business and I won’t care if he / she is yellow!!!! We need to stop catering to the world opinions as well as the lobbyist and bring America back to being a superpower with NO apologies. Impreach this Obama and his cabinet! Start fresh! Wouldn’t that be real hope and change!!!!! I am independent. I only will vote for people who will take care of REAL Americans!

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