Go Email Rep. Adam Smith, Right Now


Go visit this URL: https://adamsmith.house.gov/

Note that Adam Smith said in recent history:

“Sustainability requires that the burden on the American taxpayer and the federal budget be limited. To that end, we will be unable to support any health care legislation that doesn’t meet the President’s goal of driving down and holding down the cost of health care, as determined by the CBO.” (Rep. Adam Smith, Letter To Speaker Pelosi And Leader Hoyer, Link, 10/14/09)

Adam Smith is one of those Blue Dog Democrats that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama despise so much. While 99% of the time he is voting along with the most radical elements in his party, every once in a while he can be the wrench in the gears that brings their most radical ideas to a standstill.

Make no mistake: If this legislation passes, we will have to live with it for the next hundred years or more.

On Adam Smith’s page, respond to him about what you think about the health care bill. This is what I wrote:

Please oppose Pelosi’s health care bill. Imposing taxes and conditions on the people, insurance companies, and health care providers is not how to lower the total cost of health care.

We need a system with fair tort laws and tax code. These are two things that government can, and should, do right.

Medical care doesn’t come from government mandates and bureaucrats. It comes from doctors, nurses, drug researchers, and administrators who choose to be the most professional in the world at what they do.

The incentive is either money or charity or both. We should build a system that delivers the maximum value to consumers and producers, and signals the true cost of things through prices, and that means keeping government’s hands out of the system.

Our tax code should be written to reward those who either buy insurance or pay for their medical expenses out of pocket. It should also reward those who contribute to the health care of the poor. Our government should never reward poor choices that lead to financial problems, either in our hospitals or among the poor.

Your response can be similar. Here are some guidelines:

  1. State the action you want him to take at the very beginning. His staffers likely organize responses into piles. You want your response in the right pile.
  2. Be polite and treat him like a human. He is, after all, very human and susceptible to emotion and reason.
  3. Support your position with your personal reasons. He doesn’t want to read spam any more than you do. He does want to hear what people are really thinking.

Now go do this, today, right now.


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