Socialists, Begone!


Let’s pretend, for a moment, that there were two types of people. Each type is inherently incompatible with the other.

Naturally, these two types of people will begin to affiliate with their similar type and disassociate with the other type. Eventually, two groups, each representing each type, will form. Ultimately, they will draw a geographic line between them and declare that that line should not be crossed. Or, if it must be crossed, it must be crossed in a way that will leave the two groups at peace one with another, despite their differences.

This is the natural way of things. As long as the two types are separated, and the boundaries for where those two types are allowed to be natural are set, there won’t be any fighting or warfare between the types. However, as long as there is a disagreement over the boundary or the acceptable behavior when visiting the other’s territory, there will be trouble.

Why is this important? Because for many, many years, the United States was the one place in the world where you could go to get away from the Socialists. (Socialism really is, fundamentally, equivalent with tyranny in any form, be it from the crown, the pope, the elected dictator, or whatnot.) Once you crossed the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Rio Grande or the 49th Parallel, you were welcomed to a land where the government was limited and the citizens were expected to govern themselves.

Today, this is no longer the case. Perhaps we were too welcoming and not discriminating enough. Perhaps we allowed socialists into our country who came here for the money but didn’t want to leave their socialism behind. Whatever the reason, today, capitalists are trapped, unable to flee to any country on earth who welcomes liberty and despises tyranny.

I have a simple request, a request that if honored will save a lot of lives and a lot of arguments and a lot of fights. It is simply this:

Socialists, begone!

If you think government is a wonderful idea, why don’t you go live where government is king? North Korea, Cuba, Red China, these are the countries where great people rise through society to become great government leaders. In these countries, the power of government is wielded mercilessly on behalf of the people’s welfare, not their rights. Their inspiration is drawn from a long list of bloodthirsty tyrants, starting with the Babylonian and Persian kings, moving through Alexander the Great and the wonderful Roman emperors. Then it moves through the European feudal system that eventually, with the blessings of freedom, were efficiently optimized into the Fascists and Communists of Europe.

If those countries are too harsh for you, there are a hundred countries with varying degrees of socialism. You can experiment with government-run health care just by moving a few miles to the north! Or catch a flight and land in any number of European countries where health care is as free as the air and sunshine. I hear Venezuela doesn’t have a problem with those nasty opposition news outlets. FOX news doesn’t exist down there, and Rush Limbaugh’s voice cannot be heard!

I simply want to live free from tyrants like you telling me what to do. Go live somewhere where change isn’t needed, where the status quo is your idea of utopia.

Socialists, begone!


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