How does Obama differ from a fascist?


One of the lies I have been told growing up is that the political spectrum is a line from the right to the left. People fall somewhere on that line. Extremists lie at the extremes and moderates lie in the middle.

This is, of course, terribly simplistic, and completely useless. After all, there is another axis altogether, the axis that determines how much government is appropriate at all. In Ronald Reagan’s terms, this is the “up” and “down”. “Up” refers to a government that only protects individual liberty, while “down” refers to a government that doesn’t recognize let alone respect or protect individual liberties.

Over at Red State, they are reading Liberal Fascism. The chapter they discuss covers how FDR, Hitler, and Mussolini were really three birds of a feather. (link) The differences between their views on government are hard to identify.

With that, I ask the entirely important and pertinent question: How does Obama’s view of government differ from the fascists FDR, Mussolini, and Hitler?


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