Bread & Circus


The Romans had an ancient formula for entertaining the masses and maintaing political power. It’s called, simply, “Bread & Circus.” All you do is feed the people and then put on a show. Then the people don’t care about politics anymore.

President Obama is attempting to turn the Federal Government into that kind of government. The “bread” part comes from so-called “stimulus” spending. It doesn’t matter that we can’t afford to pay ourselves. He’s doing it anyway.

The circus part is a bit more difficult to master. Nothing gets the crowd going like a good public execution. That’s what he’s doing with the visible and public trials of the 9/11 masterminds and conspirators.

See, in reality, these people are enemies of our nation. We are at war with them. Under the articles of the Geneva Convention, which they haven’t even signed, they are considered “unlawful enemy combatants”. This means they have exactly ZERO protections. If I were a soldier, and I saw someone conducting enemy actions while not wearing a uniform that represents a state, I would kill them, immediately. At best, I would capture them, interrogate them, and then kill them. There is no need for a trial. There is no need for second guessing or games.

I don’t know why this is a hard concept for liberals to understand. The enemy is trying to kill us, and will eventually succeed unless we kill them first or change their minds.

However, Obama, the first geek president, has determined that rather than quietly send the 9/11 conspirators to their heavenly reward of 72 virgins, he wants to put on a grand show that will eventually end with their public execution. This way, the masses will believe that he actually cares about protecting our country from people who want to destroy it. Or at least, maybe he can distract us from the fact that our government is already infiltrated by those who want to destroy it in the name of Allah.

As for me, I’d rather have our president directing a global war against global jihadis rather than assaulting Fox News and talk radio. I’d rather have him working to defend so-called moderate muslims who have the revolutionary idea that maybe missionary work shouldn’t involve AK-47s and suicide bombers. I’d rather have him speaking out against and marginalizing states like Iran that are actively supporting terrorism here and abroad, rather than coddling them and trying to make them feel good about themselves.

Instead, he is going to open a brand new circus.

And you wonder why Nero fiddled while Rome burned?


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