Climate Change House of Cards


Recently, hackers hacked into the email accounts of prominent Global Warming scientists. These scientists lead the debate that lead to the adoption of the IPCC rulings on the climate. This UN report is heavily touted as absolute proof that Global Warming is real, we are causing it, and unless we go back to living in the trees, we are all going to die.

What the hackers discovered may be surprising to some. See, the scientists were conspiring to change the data, or at least the perception of the data, to reinforce their arguments. Then they conspired to hide emails for Freedom of Information requests in the UK.

I am not surprised. It is easily apparent that climate scaremongers like Al Gore and friends are not doing real science. They are trying to shakedown the US economy to fund their retirement programs. Al Gore has already met his financials goals since he has earned well over a billion dollars preaching climate fear throughout the world, and selling sham carbon credits to boot.

However, it is important that the American people, as well as civilized peoples from other parts of the world, learn what science is and is not.

Science is the unbiased pursuit of knowledge. That is, science never favors one result over another. Any experiment, any theory, any postulate or idea, is met with the same kind of indifference. All are tested and all are eventually disproven.

When scientists start talking about “belief”, they are no longer doing science but religion. When scientists pursue science with a particular result in mind, they are trying to prove their religion.

If you cannot imagine a global warming scientist waking up one morning and say, “Oh well, it was a nice theory, but apparently it’s all wrong. Humans are not causing the earth to warm,” then that scientist is not a scientist at all.

That is all there is to say about this.

Global Warming is a scam and a religion. It was never science.


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