Sheriff Joe for Governor?


Liberals hate many things in our country, but one of the things they hate the most is the idea of local police work. That is, a county electing a sheriff who decides what laws he will and won’t enforce, and how he will do it.

Of course, having an elected sheriff accountable only to the people who live in the county is a hallmark of American government. This is what makes us free. No one but us can police us. If there’s a law we like, we’ll keep that law. If there’s one we don’t, we’ll ignore it.

Sheriff Joe is the only republican for governor in Arizona who already commands a lead over the likely democratic challenger. The other republicans are either tied or trailing.

Why is Sheriff Joe popular? Isn’t he a brutal thug who uses his jackboots to beat the face of the brown people into the Arizona desert sand?

To the people who live there, Sheriff Joe is wildly popular. The reason is simple: Sheriff Joe cares about the people who live in his county, and flicks the finger to anyone outside of that area. His primary duty is to the people, not the state and not the federal government.

Elected officials who fight for the people against the government or the status quo can expect to get re-elected every time. They can also expect to see higher and higher offices.

American government is shaped by the people. It’s only natural that we’d expect to have people representing us up there.


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