Lay Scientists


After revelations of conspiracy, intimidation and data manipulation to skew the consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming, you might have some doubts in science. Let me help you, as a lay person, figure out what real science looks like and what real science does not look like.

First, science is validated by solid experiments and results. You should be able to ask any scientist the dumbest question and get a solid answer. For instance, if I asked a physicist, “Why do you believe that the positive charges are at the center of atoms and not the negative charges?” he should be able to quickly point out several experiments that validate the conclusion. A great physicist, like Albert Einstein, would be able to take an idiot on a logical journey from observation to conclusion, explaining all the alleyways and crossroads on that logical journey.

Second, science is always open to questions, even dumb ones. A physicist shouldn’t be offended that you would believe in a flat earth. Instead, he would quickly challenge your observations. His first question is always something like, “What makes you conclude that the earth is flat?” After listening, he will then explain to you how your observations could be interpreted differently, and even propose experiments that would invalidate your conclusions.

The very fact that Global Warming and Evolution fail to adhere to the previous two standards is strong evidence that they are not scientific principles at all. You don’t have to be a scientist to see this. Anyone, given the proper explanation, can see that for themselves.

First, believers in these two theories cannot explain plainly what experiments and results lead them to draw the conclusions they have drawn.

Climate scientists have a hard time publishing their raw data. They also rarely explain the assumptions and modifications they have made to the data. This is a recurring pattern that suggests corruption or data manipulation, not scientific inquiry and rigor. See for yourself how far you get when you ask questions about their conclusions and imagine up contrary scenarios that would exhibit the observed data.

Evolutionists can only point to a few pieces of bone as solid evidence. What they cannot show are transient forms that Darwin postulated should cover the earth. What little evidence they do have suggests that separate species are separate, and that one species does not gradually change into another. The evidence they had that suggested this turned out to be fabricated or wrong. Today, evolutionists are debating “punctuated equilibria” and other code words for, “this whole evolution idea is falling apart, so we have to explain why the creation scenario is wrong even though the evidence supports it.”

Second, believers in these two theories are very offended when their beliefs are questioned. Point out to a climate scientist that the weather seems to be getting colder and they explode into a rage and threaten to extinguish your life. Identify the power of the sun in driving the climate and they change the subject. Demonstrate that whatever greenhouse effect carbon dioxide has plain water is many, many times more powerful, and they fall silent.

Evolutionists, likewise, are offended that anyone would believe that a creator God would place distinct kinds of animals and plants on the earth. They are offended when a school child looks at the bones and says, “God put them there.” They are offended when someone even professes a belief in God or claims a purpose to life.

There is an area of human thought and society that behaves more like the latter and less like science. We call it, “religion.” And those among us who are religionists wish that they would behave more like scientists and less like incompetent scam artists.


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