There is no data


Reading more into this whole debacle between the top climate scientists in the world, I am struck with this one awe-inspiring fact.

In terms of historic temperatures, there is no data. Neither NASA nor CRU at East Anglia have any data, at least data they will publicly disclose.

Without data, there is nothing. Without data, we cannot test any theory of how the earth responds to various environmental controls. Without data, no computer models can be built because there are no theories. Without models, there can be no action taken, because the effects of the actions cannot be predicted.

With no data, the only thing we can do is behave ignorantly. That means we do what we know we should and shouldn’t do, and we ignore the rest.

Carbon Dioxide doesn’t have any harmful effect on us, at all. In fact, it is quite good for the environment since increased levels of CO2 help plants grow quicker and healthier. With an increased food supply, the earth is greener, there are more animals, and we have more food to eat and can support a larger population.

This is quite different from other chemicals such as sulfuric acid, which we know is extremely damaging to the environment in massive quantities.

While we can, as a people, see the effects of belching sulfuric acid into our lakes and atmosphere, we cannot see any negative effects of puffing the atmosphere full of carbon dioxide. There is no data to support any theory of global warming since there is no data at all.

Therefore, we should take no action limiting the production of carbon dioxide in any way.


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