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Liberalism is Unmoral

December 31, 2009

I talked with a co-worker yesterday. It’s that time of the year when so many people are out of the office you can take a few hours to talk deeply with the people around you.

He said he is growing more liberal as the years roll on. He sees the wisdom of it all. However, he did a terrible job defending it as we had a friendly discussion of the principles and perceptions of our political views.

One of the fundamental flaws of liberalism is the idea that you can take from one and give it to another, and somehow, make everything more fair by doing so. This is an outright violation of the 8th Commandment, and it is repugnant concept to anyone but the least moral among us.

I explained to him that I have no problem giving my stuff to people who I wanted to. I happily take care of the people around me and freely donate a large chunk of my income to those who need it. Among those whom I give the most to are my wife, my children, and my relatives. But I also give my time, talents, and money to people through the various charities I participate in.

When someone comes to me, and forces me to give them my money, and then spends it on their favorite charity, while skimming some off the top, that makes me upset.

After all, if you believe that public education is worth the property taxes, then if we removed the property taxes, you’d happily write a check for the same amount every year to the public schools. If you wouldn’t, then that means that public education is not worth the property taxes, and there is something more important you would spend the money on.

He views public education the same way I view the criminal justice system or our highway system. He says that without it, we can’t have a functioning society, forgetting that centralized public education policy is a new and foreign concept to America. The people who put astronauts on the moon were educated in schools and universities run like private institutions that collected their fees from a community voluntarily taxing itself or from private donations. None of their schools received a dime from the federal government.

Our country is suffering from the disease of liberalism. It is simply a misunderstanding of certain moral dilemmas thatĀ  aren;t dilemmas at all. We need to get back to basics in our country.

Those basics include the 10 commandments. These are simply, extraordinarily powerful moral laws that can guide any society, whether they believe in God or not. I shall address them in a series of posts.

Another New Year

December 31, 2009

I believe one of the many mercies that our God has given us is the sign of the setting and rising sun.

As the sun sets, it is a sign that today is coming to a close, the events and actions and thoughts and mistakes going down to be buried beneath the earth, or lost in the shadow of time.

As the sun rises, it begins a new fresh day, one that is, at least for the moment, untarnished by human error. You can choose at the beginning of the day to be a different person you were the day before. You can choose to shed the old errors and try to do something new.

The same is true for weeks (Sunday being the first day), months, and even years.

What is nice about the solar new year is that it begins in the middle of winter, not long after the solstice—the shortest day of the year. This is the “dead” of winter, when nothing is growing and all the animals have fled south. This is when the day is just barely long enough to wake up at all.

During this time, we can look back at the old year and remember all of our successes and failures. We can also look forward to the new year and plan out new successes.

Even though I believe everyone participates in this ritual, intentionally or not, I still believe it is has a religious attitude to it. What a wonderful world we live in, where it is possible to leave mistakes buried in the past, where we can judge ourselves and others not based on what we are, but on what we may become! We look forward, naturally, to newer and greater things. Or situation today is merely the sum total of our actions and events of the past, but today also holds the promise of a greater future that totally outweighs whatever we are today. This is how God sees us, and how He wants us to see each other. Ultimately, our potential is endless, and no man can hope to know the full depths and heights to which we will be able to reach.

Make your New Year’s resolutions. Decide on things you can do today. Don’t make too many, but make only a few changes each year, and embrace them wholly. Write them down. Show them to God. Show them to your closest friends and family. Every day, week, and month, read them back to yourself. This is how you change yourself—by focusing on what you want to be, not on what you are. Yes, know what you are, but look at it only to see what you need to become next.

The Government Class is Our Public Enemy

December 28, 2009

The government class is our public enemy, and they have been since the beginning of time.

Government is great as long as it exists within the one constraint of protecting our individual, God-given, unalienable rights. The moment it steps out of this boundary, it becomes our our enemy.

Those who work for and in the government have a vested interest in diminishing the rights of the people. They profit only at our expense. Except for unusual cases of individuals who join government to sacrifice their time, talents, energy and money to serve the country and people who have given them so much, the rest are there with one purpose in mind: Get fat living off of your bread.

No doubt you have heard Sen. Max Baucus’ seemingly drunken rant. (link) If he isn’t drunk with alcohol, he is drunk on power. The point of his tirade is simply this: The republicans are fighting the political class in defense of individual liberties, and this is clearly contrary to their best interests.

NoteĀ  carefully what he says and how he says it. In vino, veritas. That is, “In wine is truth.” Get a man a little drunk, and he will speak more honestly than he would otherwise.

It is the duty of the people to see to it that self-serving politicians cannot be found anywhere near the seats of government. Instead, we must ensure that every elected member of government is there at a sacrifice to themselves, and are there to serve the people they love and defend the rights they hold as sacred. We must be ever-vigilant. The “system” doesn’t ensure that politicians are pure, but it does allow the people to be vigilant and ensure that the bad apples are quickly removed.

Running as the Mormon

December 28, 2009

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints published a press release concerning Rex Rammell that clears up how the church associates itself with political candidates. (link)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is politically neutral and does not endorse or promote any candidate, party or platform. Accordingly, we hope that the campaign practices of political candidates would not suggest that their candidacy is supported by or connected to the church.

The point is that there can never be an official “Mormon” candidate. Not only does the LDS church not endorse candidates, but asks that candidates don’t even connect themselves to the church.

If you see a guy running for office who claims to be a faithful LDS member, he should also explain to you that he isn’t running as a Mormon and that the church is not even connected to his campaign for office.

Hat tip: Article VI Blog

A note about the White Horse prophecy mentioned in the article. Although it isn’t completely false, it isn’t accepted as a revelation in the church. In fact, President Joseph F. Smith, Joseph Smith’s nephew, denounced it as “trash.”

Members of the LDS church whole-heartedly endorse the Constitution of the United States as divine. This is an article of our faith. We especially like the bits about freedom and liberty, and we believe that as long as a government protects people’s rights, they have a duty to support it. Compare our government with what Iran is doing by slaughtering innocent and harmless protestors, and anyone who enjoys the freedoms of the constitution will find a strong ally among the Church.

What members of the Church do not ever want to see is the church becoming the government of any land. We’ve seen that, both in scriptural and written history, and have determined that it’s never a good idea to have a king, unless that king is wise and just and righteous in ever way. And even then, you’ll only be good for one or two generations.

We believe that even when Christ comes to earth, he won’t establish our church or any other church as the government of the land, but will instead implement some kind of government system the is based on the consent of the governed. Christ operates principally by persuasion, after all. The theocratic monarchy that Christ will establish will be curiously similar to the constitutional republic we live under today. In fact, who knows but our constitution may survive without any modifications at all under Christ’s reign.

When prophets talk about the law going out of Zion (interpreted as Salt Lake City, Utah, or wherever the headquarters of the church is), we understand that as the church teaching men the foundation of their liberty, the unalienable and eternal rights that God has bestowed on them, and the principles of good government, such as individual liberty, limited government, and representational republics. This kind of law is hardly the kind of law that dictates what you can eat or drink, and wear or say. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We teach that it is up to governments and the people to determine what community standards and laws they will abide by, while the church’s duty is to teach the individual to govern themselves as divine children of God.

Understanding the above, it’s quite clear why the church wouldn’t even want to be connected to individual candidates.

All That We Really Need, We Already Have

December 24, 2009

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth.

To the Christian, this is fulfillment of a promise made long, long ago, in the Garden of Eden when man was cursed with mortality. To the Jew, this is what they were looking forward to for so many thousand years. To the rest of the world, this is the answer to their prayers for some way out of their condition.

Christ represents the reversal of all the evil effects of the Fall. Our mortality will put on immortality. Our corruption will put on incorruption. Only through Christ can we ever hope to become what we are intended to become, and what we, as embryonic beings, have an inkling of understanding of.

Thinking politically, there is a great evil. This evil is simply false Christs running around promising things they can never deliver, encouraging people to worship them and not the true Christ.

One of those false Christs could be capitalism. Capitalism cannot deliver what some think it promises. It cannot deliver wealth for all, freedom from bondage, or even justice. Capitalism, untempered by the morality that Christ preached, is wholly undesirable for anyone. I don’t think many people who have thought hard about this really consider capitalism to be a Christ, but if you are one of those rare ones who trust capitalism above Christ, then you are doing it wrong.

Another false Christ is the vain promises of totalitarian government. This is the popular socialism, communism, statism, and all manner of -isms that involve putting some bureaucrat in charge of someone else’s life. We know from sad experience that no socialist system ever delivers what it promises. The only bounties of socialism is despair and poverty. When other people’s money run dry, then the state goes after your money. In the end, no one has any of the promised benefits and everyone has nothing left to spare.

Christ told us the path to abundance. He explained, quite clearly, that our heart shouldn’t be set on worldly things, because those things eventually waste away or get taken from us. Instead, we should focus on building up ourselves to be worthy to inherit the infinite bounty of the next life, where there is no corrupting force and where no thief can steal from you. Your private honor, virtue, chastity, humility, and morality are things that are more precious treasures than fine jewelry or advanced industrial machines.

The point of this message is that of all the Christs who run around the world claiming to have the secrets to health, wealth, and lasting happiness, only one can truly deliver. We can’t expect to look for our prize in this mortal world and then be satisfied when we get it, or expect to be able to hold on to it forever. We can only look to the next life for a true reward.

Given the above, Christ’s promise is that if you seek first the kingdom of heaven, then all things will be added to us. (link) What more can we ask?

On the subject of health, Christ’s medical plan is free for all and promises everlasting life. Even after being stone cold dead for three days, He, the ultimate surgeon, fixed his body and rose as an immortal, unstoppable being of light. No Roman Army, no plotting Pharisees, no earthly power at all could ever hope to threaten him again, as he was capable, at will, to simply fly straight into heaven. Although we have to suffer for a time with our diseased and decaying bodies, one day we will be resurrected into perfection.

Why do we need to turn our bodies over to the federal government if Christ has already promised us the ultimate medical miracle?

The gifts we exchange with each other on the special holiday of Christmas pale in comparison to the ultimate gifts that Christ brought to us. God gave us Christ, and Christ gives us, free of charge, resurrection and eternal life. All we need to do is turn our lives to him, worship him as what he truly is, and accept his doctrines and principles in our lives. In other words, simply open the Christmas presents he has already set under the tree.

Let us turn our hearts to him and away from the false gods and Christs of the world. Obama cannot save us. Government is not the answer, and neither is anything else for that matter. We must put God as our king, and structure our lives according to his edicts and dictates.

A Nation of Children

December 17, 2009

Senator Franken’s behavior as he wielded the gavel on the floor of the senate today was abominable. Rather than allow Sen. Lieberman another minute to finish his speech, he cut him off. Sen. McCain rose to denounce the abuse of power. (link)

It is increasingly clear that the left is full of imbecilic children. They do not understand the consequences of their actions. They do not reverence civility. They do not understand the most basic concepts that keep America as one despite our obvious differences.

Why do we have so many children today? Because we have raised so many children. We have created a society where irresponsible children are allowed to thrive. There is no discipline, no consequences, and no harsh lessons of real life to educate these children.

We must end the abomination that is socialism immediately. Education is not free, but we are raising generations of children to believe it is. Civility isn’t something you expect without delivering, and we are babying those who believe otherwise.

It is time we stood up to socialism and the plague and virus that it is to our society. When someone sticks their hand out, slap it back. When someone rises up in unrighteous, selfish anger at not getting what they want, send them packing by explaining how they are free to get whatever they want when they get off their butts and put their mind in gear. When someone misbehaves, punish them according to the full extent of the law.

The longer we tolerate children, the more likely they are to get a permanent majority in our country. This will be our destruction.

You May Not Get Your Social Security Checks Next Month

December 16, 2009

The federal government has just exceeded its statutory debt limit. This is because tax revenues have fallen far below what the budget predicted. (link)

The federal government must make emergency cuts, at least until the congress lifts the debt limit.

There is another limit soon approaching, the limit at which point foreign countries stop loaning money to the US government. When this hits, the only way out will be inflation or severe budget cuts. There are some who say we are already here. That’s why the dollar is sinking in value, rapidly.

The bottom line is that we are facing a fiscal crisis in our country, the likes of which we have never seen.

There are only two ways out, and we have to choose quickly.

The “easy” way out leads to the worst consequences. In this scenario, congress keeps printing money (or rather, borrows money from the Federal Reserve) that isn’t backed by economic growth or a desire by foreign countries and investors to own American dollars. When this happens, we will have inflation. The rate of inflation will be bad, and it will simply catapult to worse until someone shuts the printing press down and takes the “hard” way out. If no one does, then eventually, our country will look like Zimbabwe, which suffers under the rare condition called hyper-inflation. This leads to the complete breakdown of society and government. We can only pray to God that whatever government rises from the ashes of this will be less tyrannical than the previous ones. Historical experience says that we are all but guaranteed a tyrannical regime after the collapse of society.

The “hard” way out is the only sane way out. It is simply this: Stop spending federal money, immediately. Make dramatic and drastic cuts to the budget.

The first items to go are programs that give away money to people like the poor and the farmers. It doesn’t hurt our government much to stop giving away free money. Society won’t suffer much since farmers who don’t farm and the poor who don’t work can’t threaten us with anything serious.

The next items to go are programs where the government buys things that are useful and even critical to our economy. This includes education and the national highway system. These pieces of infrastructure are critical, but let’s be honest. Some of them are more vital than others, and some are far more efficiently run than others. We’ll have to choose the least efficient systems to go first, and hopefully preserve the most critical and efficient ones.

The last item to go is national defense.

The sooner we choose to work our way out of this crisis through budget cuts, the less dramatic these cuts will be.

The good news is that countries that take the hard way out recover quickly.

The bad news is that it is rare indeed that a country on the path that we are on chooses to take the hard way out. Japan is a good example of a country that is trying to have it both ways but is really choosing a long, slow death by taking the easy way out.

We, as voters, and as the real masters of our government, must demand, immediately, that congress cut the budget by 25%, 50%, 75%, maybe even more, to stabilize our currency and get us out of this financial mess. We must look at handouts from congress with derision, scorn, and disdain. Those who live off of government handouts should be mocked for the disease that they are on our fiscal system.

At the same time, we need to provide a soft landing for these people with our private charities and churches. Taking money to get back on your feet from the local church is one thing.

Taking money from the government, which raises its money through taxation and inflation, is quite another.

No Insurance is Better Insurance

December 14, 2009

One of the costs of health insurance, government-provided or otherwise, isn’t as tangible as dollars from your pocket. It is the overhead of bureaucracy and compliance that physicians and their offices must comply with to get paid.

Big Government has a good example. (link) The patient had a detached retina. Luckily, her friend could diagnose her and refer her to a qualified physician. Within a few hours, she had the procedure completed and her eye fixed. The total bill was only $900.

If she had insurance, particularly Medicaid, she would have not been referred nor treated immediately. Instead, there would be a long trail of paperwork she and the people trying to treat her would have to comply with. At the end of the month, maybe she would have been treated. Certainly, due to the number of people involved, including bureaucrats and accountants, the total bill would be much higher than $900.

Although she would have paid only a few dollars out of pocket, the taxpayers and other insurance plan subscribers would be covering the rest of the bill. Multiply the inflated cost with thousands of similar cases, and she’ll end up paying more, in total, for less responsive care, even though those costs will come from lost opportunities and diminished wages due to the economic burden that the programs put on the people.

I don’t have insurance, and I am proud of it. When I see a doctor, they know that the only thing they need to worry about is using their best professional judgment and getting my problem fixed. There are no insurance companies and no government mandates that they have to worry about. The best part is that the physician knows he will get paid, quickly. That’s money in the bank, and that’s the best treatment anyone can ask for.

I know at least one doctor who will gladly see me even if he has a busy schedule. The other patients have sub-par insurance that doesn’t pay all the time, and so he repays the “kindness” by delivering sub-par treatment. Those patients who do pay their full bill on time get red-carpet treatment, because he uses that money to buy food and pay his mortgage on time.

My solution to the medical problem that we have in America is simple. Get government out of the way. End stupid and pointless regulations that do nothing to help doctors treat patients. Eliminate malpractice abuse and have reasonable laws on the books that equally apply to all areas of life. Get government out of the medical market by ending Medicare, Medicaid, and all government-financed medical programs. Best of all, end the tax credits for medical coverage so that there is no incentive to get medical insurance from your employer.

All of the above will reduce the real costs of medical care in the US. The costs will go down, the service will go up, and people will be healthier and live longer as they can no longer externalize the costs of their habits.

If you are so concerned about the poor’s medical care, you can write a check yourself to any hospital or charitable medical service organization. They will gladly use the money in the most efficient manner possible to deliver the best care they can, in their judgment, to the poor. This is a far more efficient use of your money than sending the dollars to Washington D.C., where it will line the pockets of union bureaucrats and re-election campaigns.

If you’re worried that there won’t be enough charity dollars to help all the poor, then work with me and others to reduce taxes, spending, and borrowing by the government. This will free up valuable dollars in our economy to expand it and increase the real salaries of the people. This extra money will be used to drive further economic growth and fund charity campaigns.

This is what real science looks like

December 11, 2009

Normally sarcastic pundit Iowahawk reveals his heavier side with some real science. (link)

It used to be that you needed to be some kind of genius to do what he just did. Nowadays, not so much.

Iowahawk has given you the tools you need to create your own climate research organization. Now, you can manipulate data with the best of them.

The bottom line to all of this is that we simply don’t know. There is nothing we can point to that will give us a clear picture of what the temperature was. There is a whole lot of error, and that means the not-knowing part is bigger than the knowing part.

One day, maybe, we’ll find a reliable, reproducible way to discover what our ancient global temperatures were. I doubt that will happen in this life, though.

Let My People Go

December 10, 2009

To Barack Obama and the Democrats in power, Let My People Go.

In ancient times, Moses, the servant of God, was sent to the Pharaoh of Egypt to free the Israelites from his grasp. See, Pharaoh never was given power over the Israelites. Those were God’s people, the people God covenanted with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that would be his chosen people to bring salvation to the world.

Pharaoh struggled to hold on to what little political power he had. In the process, he lost everything he had. What was once a powerful empire, more powerful than any other empire ever seen, had been beaten into submission. Their finest armies were wiped out. Their firstborn sons were buried. Their crops and herds and flocks were ruined. Their gold and treasure plundered.

I don’t doubt that America is being watched over by God himself. We never subjected ourselves to a king, and God has never separated himself from us. He has watched over us since the moment the first stranger has set foot on this continent until today.

Now, our country is being lead away by strange masters. Rather than trust in God and his principles of individual liberty, freedom, and family, we are told that we need to trust in government control, debt, and society at large. Barack Obama is the last great gasp of this movement that has gained power and held it in one form or another since President Wilson.

I think we are seeing American turn away from the god of government and personality cults. I don’t know many people that are jumping with joy at seeing the government steadily bankrupt our country and sieze control of our economy.

I don’t know how tightly they will try to hold on to their power. I see them mobilizing everything they can to strike down their enemies, the defenders of righteousness and liberty. But it isn’t enough.

In the coming days, we all will have a choice to make. Which side will we stand on?

Will we stand on the side of God and his principles of eternal life? Will we declare ourselves subjects only to God and free ourselves from every oppression? Will we declare that the only just way to create wealth is through buying, selling, and trading, not plundering the state treasury or through unjust lawsuits?

Or will we stand on the side of Barack Obama and his principles of eternal servitude and obeisance to the god of government? Will we shout down those who stand for freedom and declare how much we wish government would control ever more parts of our lives?

I don’t see the American people lining up to be spoon-fed socialism by the masters in government. That’s just not the way we, as a whole, are. I do see a lot of people fooled into thinking they are incapable of being productive members of society, or that trying to make it on your own it too dangerous.

If we fight on the side of freedom, let us bring the right weapons to the war. God doesn’t win his wars with guns and bullets—if he can avoid it. He fights with truth and righteousness.

Let us cast away any sins we have that separate us from our God. Review the ten commandments. Remove anything in your life that may even hint at violating them. Review the gospels in the New Testament and take to heart every word that Jesus speaks. Let us arm ourselves with truth and knowledge, and especially faith, hope and charity. Faith that if we live our lives according to God’s law, that we will have plenty and to spare. Hope that only salvation can bring. And charity, the pure love of Christ towards all mankind.

Then we can stand as little Moses, demanding in humility before God but boldness before the world, “Let my people go!”