Citizen’s Guide to Global Warming Evidence


Summary: none. (link)


2 Responses to “Citizen’s Guide to Global Warming Evidence”

  1. demo kid Says:

    Citizen’s Guide to Evidence of Creationism: None.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Are you trying the Chewbacca defense now?

      Do you even understand what a “logical fallacy” is? Do the words “Red Herring” or “Ignoratio Elenchi” mean anything to you?

      Even if there was no evidence of creationism (and there is a whole mountain of evidence for it, in fact, an entire universe of it), what does that have to do with Global Warming? Or are you trying to use an ad hominem logical fallacy and try to discredit me because I believe God literally created the world? What would it matter if I did or didn’t believe such a thing, seeing as how I am pointing you to a completely different person’s arguments?

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