Defund the Left


It is apparent to me that the left generally relies on massive funding to move its issues forward. The funding needed to put someone like Barack Obama in office must number many times what he actually spent on his campaign. I am including, of course, all of the propaganda and such espousing the false notions that Barack Obama believes in, as well as the training of Barack Obama and his cohorts.

Where do they get this money from? Even George Soros, a multi-billionaire, doesn’t have enough money to sustain a fraction of the operation. In fact, all of the world’s richest people combined would barely have enough money to do the slightest to shift public thinking in one way or another.

So where does the money come from? It comes from the taxpayers of the United States. We fund, to a massive degree, the leftist propaganda and education institutions, as well as the get-out-the-vote and election efforts. To put it simply, practically all of the federal budget, state budgets, and county budgets, in one way or another, is used to help elect more leftists in one way or another.

How does it work? Well, leftists get jobs in the bureaucracy of government. They are abnormally attracted to this industry partially because of their incompetence due to their flawed world view. The other reason is because leftist notions rely, inherently, on the government to put its policies into action. No sane person would ever choose to adhere to the leftist agenda.

Granted, a lot of the money ends up in the hands of soldiers, police men, firefighters, and teachers who are most certainly not leftist at all. However, in many cases the money is manipulated in such a way that these people end up supporting leftist issues. If they don’t work to achieve leftist ends to ensure their jobs are protected, their unions will do the work for them.

Once the money gets into the hands of the bureaucracy with is dominated by leftists, it begins finding its way into the hands of more leftists in one way or another. I can’t track how every dime in government is spent, but when is the last time you’ve seen a government expenditure on items such as teaching people to be self-reliant or explaining the virtues of a federal system of government? When is the last time federal government money was used to advocate lower taxes and decreased spending? Or how has government money been used to encourage virtue over vice?

The fact is that we must defund the left in our country. And the way to do that is to cut out a significant portion of our federal, state, and local budgets. I’m not talking about 1% or 10% cuts. I’m talking more along the lines of 90% cuts. The cuts should be so deep and so painful that the only money left over is barely enough to cover the core critical services, such as the military, the police force, and the justice system. These critical needs should demand 100% of the budgets of our governments, so much so that any proposal for a socialist program will be met with shrieks and howls about how we cannot afford to lay off one more cop or close another military base.

Once we’ve completely defunded the left, the movement itself will die. Without social workers and ACORN employees and advertising revenue flooding the television stations to buy time to air leftist ideas, or even government-run schools to teach leftist ideas, the concepts of leftism will gradually disappear from our society.


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