I Don’t Blame Huckabee


A lot of words have been written condemning Gov. Huckabee’s decisions regarding the cop-killer. Here’s his explanation. (link)

I don’t blame Huckabee for the deaths of the cops.

I blame the cop-killer.

I blame the people around him who helped him kill those cops, either by teaching him or encouraging him to do so, or protecting him from the police and legitimate investigation into his abnormal and criminal behavior.

I blame the justice system as it currently stands. I can’t find fault in any of the actors who have dealt with this thug. They did their job, as far as I know, the way they were asked to, and they did it with a conscience free of guilt. It isn’t the people in the system who are at fault—it is the system. Just like we can’t blame the teachers for our broken education system—we have to blame the system.

There are two changes I’d like to see coming out of this. One, I’d like to see our justice system revisited so that violent criminals don’t get to walk around town and trials happen faster. This will require changes in law and our interpretation of the law, as well as adaptations to our understanding of our unalienable rights, all the way across the board, locally, state-wide, and federally.

Two, I’d like to see the thugs who supported, helped, and otherwise assisted the cop-killer punished to the full extent of the law. That punishment should exclude keeping them out of our society for good.

Also, those among us who have a shred of sympathy for this cop-killer need to think deeply. What kind of sympathy does he deserve? None that I can tell. All of us, in all levels of our society, need to agree that anyone who murders cops in cold blood doesn’t deserve to draw another breath on planet earth.


2 Responses to “I Don’t Blame Huckabee”

  1. Akira Says:

    Really? No fault of Huckabee’s?


    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      There is a difference between what the killer’s friends did and what Gov. Huckabee. In this particular case, Gov. Huckabee made a sound explanation.

      On Gov. Huckabee’s general policy of granting all sorts of favors to hardened criminals, he certainly should be pilloried and punished for that. But his only crime is allowing convicted criminals into our streets. The blame for the crime still needs to rest on the shoulders of those who pull the trigger and those who help them.

      We are being distracted from the real problem if we focus on Huckabee.

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