We are at war with the enemy


We are at war with the enemy, and the enemy lives among us.

We don’t get to choose our enemies. They chose us. Our option is either fight to survive, or live in subjugation to their whims and desires.

Here’s a web posting by them praising the cop-killer who murdered four cops in cold blood. (link)

We cannot live in peace with people who think and behave like this. This isn’t an issue of free speech. We must eliminate the threat of violence from among us, and we must do so by meeting violence with more violence. Our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is threatened every day scumbags like these walk free in our nation.

If they would simply admit that they as everyone else, have a right to live, to be free, to pursue their path to happiness in their own way, and then work to protect their rights and the rights of their countrymen, we wouldn’t have to say such things.

I don’t know that the murdered who walked into that cafe Sunday morning and murdered four cops thought he was on a mission from God or that he was a faithful muslim or in any way representing the text of the Koran. Regardless, it is apparent that there are people among us who wish he did.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit for finding this. (link)


2 Responses to “We are at war with the enemy”

  1. Dale Says:

    That site you’re talking about is made by a psycho who represents no one but himself.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I’m fascinated. Do you know this person? How do you know he is working alone? He sounds like he is part of the Nation of Islam. Do other members of NoI share his views? How do you know they don’t, when statements by leaders of the NoI match what this author has said?

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