Slavery Reborn


Those of you who like what Barack Obama is doing to the country might want to listen to the following offer I have.

If you accept this offer, you’ll get:

  • Free health care for life
  • All the food you need
  • A job that you can work on every day for the rest of your life
  • All the creature comforts your job affords
  • Plus, you’ll never have to worry about retirement or any other need you might have.

Of course, in exchange:

  • You’ll lose your freedom to choose what doctor you see, what food you eat, what creature comforts you get.
  • You’ll lose your freedom to live where you like and do what you want.
  • You’ll lose your freedom to choose your job, or quit when things get tough.

If you think this looks like an attractive offer, I have a very efficient system for delivering all of these things to you. See, the government makes this promise with people who live the socialist lifestyle, but they end up being short-changed regularly. The health care is sub-par, their jobs don’t materialize, and every year, they seem to get poorer and poorer.

My alternative won’t have any of those problems. It will absolutely deliver to you good health care and a nice place to live with creature comforts that go beyond what socialist paradises could ever hope to deliver.

That alternative, is, of course, private slavery. See, under this system, you can be bought and sold as a slave. It sounds bad, but think of all you’ll be getting.

  • You’ll live in the midst of the most profitable society in the world. That means you’ll have access to top-notch medical care, abundant food, and creature comforts that other countries dream of.
  • You’re guaranteed to have a job. In a free economy like ours would be without socialism, there is plenty to do and plenty of people who can do it.
  • Although you won’t be able to choose where you live and what you eat or wear, we can ensure, by government regulation, that you are treated much better than the slaves of the past were.

Of course, I am totally against the institution of slavery. It’s dehumanizing and it’s a terrible allocation of resources to boot. However, I hope this illustrates a point.

What makes us free is not what we have, but what we can do. My right to bear arms doesn’t grant me weapons. It grants me the right to buy, build, own, and maintain a weapon for my defense and the defense of my country.

In that regard, my right to the pursuit of happiness doesn’t give me happiness, but allows me to use my faculties to find my own happiness.

Ponder on this for a moment and then ask yourself, if slavery is bad, why is socialism any better? Just because your slavemasters work for the government doesn’t make them any better, and likely makes them a lot worse.


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