Let My People Go


To Barack Obama and the Democrats in power, Let My People Go.

In ancient times, Moses, the servant of God, was sent to the Pharaoh of Egypt to free the Israelites from his grasp. See, Pharaoh never was given power over the Israelites. Those were God’s people, the people God covenanted with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that would be his chosen people to bring salvation to the world.

Pharaoh struggled to hold on to what little political power he had. In the process, he lost everything he had. What was once a powerful empire, more powerful than any other empire ever seen, had been beaten into submission. Their finest armies were wiped out. Their firstborn sons were buried. Their crops and herds and flocks were ruined. Their gold and treasure plundered.

I don’t doubt that America is being watched over by God himself. We never subjected ourselves to a king, and God has never separated himself from us. He has watched over us since the moment the first stranger has set foot on this continent until today.

Now, our country is being lead away by strange masters. Rather than trust in God and his principles of individual liberty, freedom, and family, we are told that we need to trust in government control, debt, and society at large. Barack Obama is the last great gasp of this movement that has gained power and held it in one form or another since President Wilson.

I think we are seeing American turn away from the god of government and personality cults. I don’t know many people that are jumping with joy at seeing the government steadily bankrupt our country and sieze control of our economy.

I don’t know how tightly they will try to hold on to their power. I see them mobilizing everything they can to strike down their enemies, the defenders of righteousness and liberty. But it isn’t enough.

In the coming days, we all will have a choice to make. Which side will we stand on?

Will we stand on the side of God and his principles of eternal life? Will we declare ourselves subjects only to God and free ourselves from every oppression? Will we declare that the only just way to create wealth is through buying, selling, and trading, not plundering the state treasury or through unjust lawsuits?

Or will we stand on the side of Barack Obama and his principles of eternal servitude and obeisance to the god of government? Will we shout down those who stand for freedom and declare how much we wish government would control ever more parts of our lives?

I don’t see the American people lining up to be spoon-fed socialism by the masters in government. That’s just not the way we, as a whole, are. I do see a lot of people fooled into thinking they are incapable of being productive members of society, or that trying to make it on your own it too dangerous.

If we fight on the side of freedom, let us bring the right weapons to the war. God doesn’t win his wars with guns and bullets—if he can avoid it. He fights with truth and righteousness.

Let us cast away any sins we have that separate us from our God. Review the ten commandments. Remove anything in your life that may even hint at violating them. Review the gospels in the New Testament and take to heart every word that Jesus speaks. Let us arm ourselves with truth and knowledge, and especially faith, hope and charity. Faith that if we live our lives according to God’s law, that we will have plenty and to spare. Hope that only salvation can bring. And charity, the pure love of Christ towards all mankind.

Then we can stand as little Moses, demanding in humility before God but boldness before the world, “Let my people go!”


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