No Insurance is Better Insurance


One of the costs of health insurance, government-provided or otherwise, isn’t as tangible as dollars from your pocket. It is the overhead of bureaucracy and compliance that physicians and their offices must comply with to get paid.

Big Government has a good example. (link) The patient had a detached retina. Luckily, her friend could diagnose her and refer her to a qualified physician. Within a few hours, she had the procedure completed and her eye fixed. The total bill was only $900.

If she had insurance, particularly Medicaid, she would have not been referred nor treated immediately. Instead, there would be a long trail of paperwork she and the people trying to treat her would have to comply with. At the end of the month, maybe she would have been treated. Certainly, due to the number of people involved, including bureaucrats and accountants, the total bill would be much higher than $900.

Although she would have paid only a few dollars out of pocket, the taxpayers and other insurance plan subscribers would be covering the rest of the bill. Multiply the inflated cost with thousands of similar cases, and she’ll end up paying more, in total, for less responsive care, even though those costs will come from lost opportunities and diminished wages due to the economic burden that the programs put on the people.

I don’t have insurance, and I am proud of it. When I see a doctor, they know that the only thing they need to worry about is using their best professional judgment and getting my problem fixed. There are no insurance companies and no government mandates that they have to worry about. The best part is that the physician knows he will get paid, quickly. That’s money in the bank, and that’s the best treatment anyone can ask for.

I know at least one doctor who will gladly see me even if he has a busy schedule. The other patients have sub-par insurance that doesn’t pay all the time, and so he repays the “kindness” by delivering sub-par treatment. Those patients who do pay their full bill on time get red-carpet treatment, because he uses that money to buy food and pay his mortgage on time.

My solution to the medical problem that we have in America is simple. Get government out of the way. End stupid and pointless regulations that do nothing to help doctors treat patients. Eliminate malpractice abuse and have reasonable laws on the books that equally apply to all areas of life. Get government out of the medical market by ending Medicare, Medicaid, and all government-financed medical programs. Best of all, end the tax credits for medical coverage so that there is no incentive to get medical insurance from your employer.

All of the above will reduce the real costs of medical care in the US. The costs will go down, the service will go up, and people will be healthier and live longer as they can no longer externalize the costs of their habits.

If you are so concerned about the poor’s medical care, you can write a check yourself to any hospital or charitable medical service organization. They will gladly use the money in the most efficient manner possible to deliver the best care they can, in their judgment, to the poor. This is a far more efficient use of your money than sending the dollars to Washington D.C., where it will line the pockets of union bureaucrats and re-election campaigns.

If you’re worried that there won’t be enough charity dollars to help all the poor, then work with me and others to reduce taxes, spending, and borrowing by the government. This will free up valuable dollars in our economy to expand it and increase the real salaries of the people. This extra money will be used to drive further economic growth and fund charity campaigns.


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