A Nation of Children


Senator Franken’s behavior as he wielded the gavel on the floor of the senate today was abominable. Rather than allow Sen. Lieberman another minute to finish his speech, he cut him off. Sen. McCain rose to denounce the abuse of power. (link)

It is increasingly clear that the left is full of imbecilic children. They do not understand the consequences of their actions. They do not reverence civility. They do not understand the most basic concepts that keep America as one despite our obvious differences.

Why do we have so many children today? Because we have raised so many children. We have created a society where irresponsible children are allowed to thrive. There is no discipline, no consequences, and no harsh lessons of real life to educate these children.

We must end the abomination that is socialism immediately. Education is not free, but we are raising generations of children to believe it is. Civility isn’t something you expect without delivering, and we are babying those who believe otherwise.

It is time we stood up to socialism and the plague and virus that it is to our society. When someone sticks their hand out, slap it back. When someone rises up in unrighteous, selfish anger at not getting what they want, send them packing by explaining how they are free to get whatever they want when they get off their butts and put their mind in gear. When someone misbehaves, punish them according to the full extent of the law.

The longer we tolerate children, the more likely they are to get a permanent majority in our country. This will be our destruction.


One Response to “A Nation of Children”

  1. kevinkervick Says:

    Certainly agree. There is barely time to hold the line now as we are on the verge of allowing a permanent entitlement condition in the USA.

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