All That We Really Need, We Already Have


Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth.

To the Christian, this is fulfillment of a promise made long, long ago, in the Garden of Eden when man was cursed with mortality. To the Jew, this is what they were looking forward to for so many thousand years. To the rest of the world, this is the answer to their prayers for some way out of their condition.

Christ represents the reversal of all the evil effects of the Fall. Our mortality will put on immortality. Our corruption will put on incorruption. Only through Christ can we ever hope to become what we are intended to become, and what we, as embryonic beings, have an inkling of understanding of.

Thinking politically, there is a great evil. This evil is simply false Christs running around promising things they can never deliver, encouraging people to worship them and not the true Christ.

One of those false Christs could be capitalism. Capitalism cannot deliver what some think it promises. It cannot deliver wealth for all, freedom from bondage, or even justice. Capitalism, untempered by the morality that Christ preached, is wholly undesirable for anyone. I don’t think many people who have thought hard about this really consider capitalism to be a Christ, but if you are one of those rare ones who trust capitalism above Christ, then you are doing it wrong.

Another false Christ is the vain promises of totalitarian government. This is the popular socialism, communism, statism, and all manner of -isms that involve putting some bureaucrat in charge of someone else’s life. We know from sad experience that no socialist system ever delivers what it promises. The only bounties of socialism is despair and poverty. When other people’s money run dry, then the state goes after your money. In the end, no one has any of the promised benefits and everyone has nothing left to spare.

Christ told us the path to abundance. He explained, quite clearly, that our heart shouldn’t be set on worldly things, because those things eventually waste away or get taken from us. Instead, we should focus on building up ourselves to be worthy to inherit the infinite bounty of the next life, where there is no corrupting force and where no thief can steal from you. Your private honor, virtue, chastity, humility, and morality are things that are more precious treasures than fine jewelry or advanced industrial machines.

The point of this message is that of all the Christs who run around the world claiming to have the secrets to health, wealth, and lasting happiness, only one can truly deliver. We can’t expect to look for our prize in this mortal world and then be satisfied when we get it, or expect to be able to hold on to it forever. We can only look to the next life for a true reward.

Given the above, Christ’s promise is that if you seek first the kingdom of heaven, then all things will be added to us. (link) What more can we ask?

On the subject of health, Christ’s medical plan is free for all and promises everlasting life. Even after being stone cold dead for three days, He, the ultimate surgeon, fixed his body and rose as an immortal, unstoppable being of light. No Roman Army, no plotting Pharisees, no earthly power at all could ever hope to threaten him again, as he was capable, at will, to simply fly straight into heaven. Although we have to suffer for a time with our diseased and decaying bodies, one day we will be resurrected into perfection.

Why do we need to turn our bodies over to the federal government if Christ has already promised us the ultimate medical miracle?

The gifts we exchange with each other on the special holiday of Christmas pale in comparison to the ultimate gifts that Christ brought to us. God gave us Christ, and Christ gives us, free of charge, resurrection and eternal life. All we need to do is turn our lives to him, worship him as what he truly is, and accept his doctrines and principles in our lives. In other words, simply open the Christmas presents he has already set under the tree.

Let us turn our hearts to him and away from the false gods and Christs of the world. Obama cannot save us. Government is not the answer, and neither is anything else for that matter. We must put God as our king, and structure our lives according to his edicts and dictates.


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