The Government Class is Our Public Enemy


The government class is our public enemy, and they have been since the beginning of time.

Government is great as long as it exists within the one constraint of protecting our individual, God-given, unalienable rights. The moment it steps out of this boundary, it becomes our our enemy.

Those who work for and in the government have a vested interest in diminishing the rights of the people. They profit only at our expense. Except for unusual cases of individuals who join government to sacrifice their time, talents, energy and money to serve the country and people who have given them so much, the rest are there with one purpose in mind: Get fat living off of your bread.

No doubt you have heard Sen. Max Baucus’ seemingly drunken rant. (link) If he isn’t drunk with alcohol, he is drunk on power. The point of his tirade is simply this: The republicans are fighting the political class in defense of individual liberties, and this is clearly contrary to their best interests.

Note  carefully what he says and how he says it. In vino, veritas. That is, “In wine is truth.” Get a man a little drunk, and he will speak more honestly than he would otherwise.

It is the duty of the people to see to it that self-serving politicians cannot be found anywhere near the seats of government. Instead, we must ensure that every elected member of government is there at a sacrifice to themselves, and are there to serve the people they love and defend the rights they hold as sacred. We must be ever-vigilant. The “system” doesn’t ensure that politicians are pure, but it does allow the people to be vigilant and ensure that the bad apples are quickly removed.


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