Liberalism is Unmoral


I talked with a co-worker yesterday. It’s that time of the year when so many people are out of the office you can take a few hours to talk deeply with the people around you.

He said he is growing more liberal as the years roll on. He sees the wisdom of it all. However, he did a terrible job defending it as we had a friendly discussion of the principles and perceptions of our political views.

One of the fundamental flaws of liberalism is the idea that you can take from one and give it to another, and somehow, make everything more fair by doing so. This is an outright violation of the 8th Commandment, and it is repugnant concept to anyone but the least moral among us.

I explained to him that I have no problem giving my stuff to people who I wanted to. I happily take care of the people around me and freely donate a large chunk of my income to those who need it. Among those whom I give the most to are my wife, my children, and my relatives. But I also give my time, talents, and money to people through the various charities I participate in.

When someone comes to me, and forces me to give them my money, and then spends it on their favorite charity, while skimming some off the top, that makes me upset.

After all, if you believe that public education is worth the property taxes, then if we removed the property taxes, you’d happily write a check for the same amount every year to the public schools. If you wouldn’t, then that means that public education is not worth the property taxes, and there is something more important you would spend the money on.

He views public education the same way I view the criminal justice system or our highway system. He says that without it, we can’t have a functioning society, forgetting that centralized public education policy is a new and foreign concept to America. The people who put astronauts on the moon were educated in schools and universities run like private institutions that collected their fees from a community voluntarily taxing itself or from private donations. None of their schools received a dime from the federal government.

Our country is suffering from the disease of liberalism. It is simply a misunderstanding of certain moral dilemmas that  aren;t dilemmas at all. We need to get back to basics in our country.

Those basics include the 10 commandments. These are simply, extraordinarily powerful moral laws that can guide any society, whether they believe in God or not. I shall address them in a series of posts.


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