We Need More Like These


Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court wrote his annual report on the state of the judiciary. Since 1970, the chief justice has asked for an increase in salary of all judges. This is because they are, in the standards of their profession, significantly underpaid. If you’re not already rich, you can’t serve on the federal bench and live in some of the areas where your court is.

However, this year’s report is different. He didn’t include a request for more salary, citing the state of the economy and the distress his fellow Americans are under. (link)

Congress hasn’t listened, of course, so it’s pointless to ask for it anyway. Maybe one day we’ll get a sane congress that will see the problem for what it is and make sure that we can have the best lawyers be our judges.

Still, it’s a welcome change to the normal politicking. I’d like to have more like John Roberts in our government. It’s apparent a lot of them are found in our judicial branch and in our military, since both are underpaid and neither complain much about it. If only we could see the same in our legislative and executive branches.


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