True Security


What were the Founding Fathers thinking? Didn’t they foresee a time when individuals, acting in small, isolated groups, or alone, could cause havoc on our society?

Of course they did. And they addressed this issue with a really simple idea.

This idea works when government fails, which is pretty much all the time.

This idea is the same idea that created the world’s wealth, and is delivering vast fortunes, fortunes unimaginable to previous generations, to billions of people across our planet. Thanks to this idea, there are fewer poor people, as a percentage, than there ever was in the history of the world. And thanks to this idea, it is possible that poverty may be eliminated within a few decades everywhere it is tried.

This idea is simply let the people do what they think is best. And one of the things they might need to do from time to time is kill bad guys who are trying to kill the people.

We saw this idea on the plane. When the would-be undie bomber tried to blow up the plane, the passengers reacted, and they quickly subdued and controlled the situation. No police force or army could’ve acted with more swiftness and coordination. The results spoke for themselves.

The militia is a part of our government that we are often confused about. What is it? Who is a member of it? And what is it supposed to do?

The militia is simply an informal military. There are soldiers, a whole lot of them, and they work together.

Who is a member? Simply every able-bodied male. In today’s time, I am sure that many females would consider themselves a part of it as well. See, the moment you take your responsibility to secure yourself and your community seriously, you join the militia. In our country, it used to be quite clear that if you were a male and if you were not disabled in some way, you were expected to stand up and join the militia.

You don’t take an oath to join the militia. You don’t need a uniform, and you don’t even need weapons. Not all soldiers in the military fight with guns and ammo. Most of them, in fact, fight by coordinating resources and assisting those who do fight. The same is true in the militia.

What is it supposed to do? Simply protect the people, at all times, in all places, from all kinds of threats, foreign and domestic.

If the militia were operating properly, then United flight 93 would be the norm in a terrorist situation. In fact, it would’ve turned out better for the people on that flight since at the first sign of a threat, guns would be drawn and the aggressors would’ve been subdued or killed.

In Israel, the people expect the military and military intelligence to track down everyone who is going to attempt something hostile, and eliminate that threat before they even get close to accomplishing their plans. But, the people are expected to be the last line of defense. If something happens, and the military or police cannot respond quick enough, the people are expected to draw their weapons and take care of it, instantly. That’s why Israel, the jihadi’s #1 target, isn’t as vulnerable as the USA, jihad’s #2 target.

We need to, as a country, stop with the silly security measures. If someone’s name warrants being added to a watch list, then that person needs to be detained or killed as fast as possible. They are not released until (a) we are satisfied that they are not an enemy of the state and pose no danger to us at all, or (b) they are dead. What we do with them in between their capture and release depends on how valuable they are to us and how we can extract that value as quickly as possible.

Without anyone trying to slip a bomb on to an airplane, there’s no need for looking for bombs on airplanes anymore. See, we’ll be looking for bombs to go on airplanes long before the people even approach the airport.

We should stop making our airports and airplanes just as dangerous as our college campuses and military bases. By disarming the militia, bad guys have free run in these areas. I can tell you, if someone did manage to get a bomb into an airport and into his luggage, who do you think will be better equipped to find and subdue the enemy? An airport official mixed in, one to a a thousand people in the airport, or the militia, which will have roughly a one-to-one ratio to the people, and a thousand-to-one ratio with the bad guys?

We, the people, need to be ever vigilant and remember that we are the militia that the Second Amendment requires be free to arm themselves.


2 Responses to “True Security”

  1. demo kid Says:

    Nothing like rapid decompression at 36,000 feet from a stray bullet or accidental misfire to make people MORE safe, Jonathan. In what particular reality is this anything but a recipe for complete disaster?

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      You must have missed that episode of Mythbusters. A stray bullet cannot cause an aircraft to lose its integrity nor can it cause rapid decompression.

      Or do you live in the world of Hollywood fiction? How is life there?

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