The Seventh Commandment: Don’t Commit Adultery


Thou shalt not commit adultery. (Exodus 20:14)

Of all the Ten Commandments, this is the most controversial in our society. It’s no mistake that it is.

What is adultery? It is to have sexual relations outside of marriage. This includes people who are married and people who are not married. This includes homosexual and heterosexual acts.

Why is this so serious? Because life is sacred. We don’t arbitrarily kill people, and we don’t arbitrarily create people, unless we have a family that they can belong to.

Families are ordained of God. We saw that in the Fifth Commandment, “Honor thy Father and Mother”. The father and mother of a child owe, at least, a stable family to that child. A stable family can only be found within the bonds of marriage.

Sexual relationships bring people closer together as well. If we choose to only have sexual relationships between husbands and wives, they will be drawn closer together and their marriage will be much less likely to dissolve into divorce. This is simple math. Adultery hurts, no matter how much people say it doesn’t. If they don’t care who their spouse is sleeping with, then they don’t care about their spouse.

We would do well to avoid breaking this commandment. Indeed, we should follow Jesus’ commandment to not even look on a woman to lust after her. That means, it all starts with where our thoughts are. Just like we shouldn’t get angry with someone, for fear of murdering them, we shouldn’t lust after someone, for fear of committing adultery.

There are a lot of things we can be doing better as a society.

First, we need to elevate marriage as the highest ideal institution in our land. No man or woman should feel like their time is better spent as anything but a husband or wife in marriage, and a mother or father of their children. There is no higher office, no higher honor, and no higher aspiration.

Second, we need to do what we can to ensure that every child belongs to a loving family with a father and mother. Rather than abortion, we should practice adoption. Our laws should ensure that every child is provided with a father an mother, first, last and always.

Third, we need to stop preaching that sexual relations are harmless. Of all the things we have learned that actually harm our body but we thought were good, such as tobacco, I believe we are beginning to learn, scientifically, that what we do with our sexual organs is incredibly important, and it will either make or break our lives.

Finally, we need to teach our children not to flaunt their sexuality. Britney Spears is not a role model for our children. Dress modestly, act appropriately, and date for marriage. Don’t sell your bodies for your relationships, and don’t allow people to manipulate you to get what they want out of you.

Imagine living in a society where we all feel a tremendous duty to the upcoming generation. Imagine a society where people self-organize into individual, loving families, and each child is born into relationships where spouses love each other and are faithful to each other, and where there is nothing in the world more important to them than each other and their children. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that society, and enjoy the inevitable peace and happiness, calm and comfort of knowing that no matter who you are, you have a loving father and mother?

Yes, we can never legislate righteousness. We can never, ever control what two consenting adults do out of sight and out of mind of everyone else. It is always going to be an intimately personal decision who you will sleep with. But we can build a society where infidelity is strongly discouraged, and those who do violate that trust are not seen and not heard of.


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