Other People’s Money


I am going to propose a check on political debate that should help our country immensely.

Any problem that is solved with “other people’s money” should immediately be labeled as theft, immoral, and unjust. If this isn’t enough to silence the proposal, then adding in that “other people will refuse to pay!” or “What will you do if you run out of other people’s money?” need to be added.

The Health Care Reform is a proposal that involves “Other People’s Money.” Apparently, we’re going to hold healthy people’s health coverage hostage to pay for the sick people’s health coverage. This is immoral, unjust, and outright institutionalized theft. What happens when well people refuse to pay? Will they magically start paying from a jail cell? Can you cut off their hands or staple their mouths shut to get them to pay? Or where will you turn to when everyone who is left is one of the sick, and there are no healthy people left to pay?

Cap & Trade (really, Tax & Tax) is another proposal involving “Other People’s Money.” Apparently, “Other People” will pay for new technology and implementation, as well as pay to keep carbon emissions low. Again, this is outright theft, immoral and unjust. What happens when people refuse to pay? Can you extract blood from a stone? If they shut their companies down and refuse to provide power due to lack of profits, what can you say or do that will make them open their facilities and operate at full capacity? And what happens when you run out of “Other People’s Money?” Who will pay for the research that doesn’t pay off?

All the entitlement programs also die under this argument. Never mind that taking money from the young and giving it to the elderly is theft, immoral, and unjust, what happens if the young refuse to work? How many taxes do you collect off of a minimum wage job? How long will this system remain afloat while “Other People” refuse to pay into it? Or do you expect that their quest for profits (which disappear under these programs) will keep them working harder and harder and harder to support more and more old people who failed to provide for their own future, or raise up a generation of children who can take care of them?

Welfare is a classic example. Take “Other People’s Money” and give it to the poor. This is, of course, immoral and unjust and outright theft, since eating the bread you took from someone else is always theft. But more importantly, how long do you think “Other People” will pay in, rather than decide to get on the other side of the equation? If it pays to be poor, who would want to be rich?


One Response to “Other People’s Money”

  1. Jeffrey Liakos Says:

    Socialists are envious little pricks.

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