Christine Ahn.

She’s a “useful idiot” or worse.

Ignore her, just like you should have ignored those reports of how wonderful the USSR system of government was, or the reporters who came back with glowing reports of the newly elected Hitler. These kind of people have always existed and will likely always exist. Unfortunately, there will always be idiots among us.

In the eyes of these people, the US and any freedom-loving people can do no right, while those who attempt to establish permanent theocratic monarchies are hailed as peace-loving saviors of the world. If only we’d back down, let them have their fun “reclaiming” their own people, through friendly jaunts in nature “retreats”.  Let them hurl threats of war and bombs and missiles in our direction. Why, then we’d have peace! Peace being, apparently, the state of mankind where tyrants roam waging war on the earth, while the just and righteous whimper in silent obscurity, fearful of being noticed.

Let alone the fact that if we were simply left alone, we would be happy keeping our troops at home. In fact, were very intent on doing so until the world noticed that we had become the economic superpower of the world, the crown jewel of any would-be tyrant who dreamed of world domination and the enslavement of mankind to their vain will. When Hitler’s map for world domination drove straight through Washington D.C., when the Japanese Empire identified the US as their sole competitor in the Pacific, when the USSR saw that without the US, they could freely dominate every culture, that’s when we couldn’t leave them alone anymore. Our life or their will had to go.

Now the Kims feel it necessary to build nuclear missiles to strike our western coast and annihilate our trading partners in the Far East. Somehow, them having the power to annihilate California is supposed to feed their people or make them rich. I am sure the Kims will figure out Step 2, you know, the one that goes between what they are doing to day and Step 3: Profit!

No, it’s not them, it’s us! We are not only wrong, but evil, for allowing our people to roam about the world doing whatever they feel is right in their own eyes, as long as they leave each other in peace and respect each other’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is the worst evil of any kind—the most repugnant sin in the sight of God and the world—FREEDOM and INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY! We, the evil empire, MUST BE STOPPED, you see, because it’s those free Americans who are causing all the world’s problems, what with their modern inventions and economic systems and get-rich-through-industrial-investment-and-mass-employment schemes. Ignore the fruits of liberty for a moment, they don’t matter. The fact that poverty has all but disappeared where liberty is liberally applied is irrelevant! Instead, let’s focus on the fact that they are so RICH they could buy small states without hesitation! That’s true evil! Power in the hands of mere mortals! Who do those people think they are?

Yes, we want peace, more than anything else. We want to live at home and sleep and breathe and eat and marry and die in peace. We want it so much that we are willing to die and kill for it. We have learned through the sad history of mankind that the price of liberty and thus the true price of real peace is the blood of saints and tyrants. We weep at the blood of our sons, we rejoice at the blood of tyrants, knowing it is the only price that will buy lasting peace.

So what if we’ve decided to oblige those who wish us harm with like regard? Let them come, let them all come! Build your armies! Make your missiles! Shout your threats from the mountain tops!Our factories can manufacture enough bombs and guns and bullets for all of them. Our sons can fight with the best of them. Our blood-soaked hands carry no shame when it is the blood of tyrants. We will gladly profess to our God that when the going got tough, we eliminated the threat and restored peace. We used our God-given rights to destroy those who refuse to acknowledge the same rights, and we did so with all the energy of soul that we could muster, with extreme prejudice.

When they stop coming for us, when they finally realize that we wish no harm and their best interest is to simply live with us, then we can all happily beat our swords into plowshares.

Until then, we shall impose our will on every other people of the earth who seeks to impose their will on us. That will being, of course, peace on earth, good will to men.


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