Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


I just saw Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the ending was quite proper. The part about the young boys getting run over by the union thugs, the parts where the machine shouts down the little guy with the orders “SHUT UP!”, that all is pretty close to what really happens.

Except these people who call themselves representatives of the people never have the nerve to face their demons and confess their crimes. There is no conscience left in them. We can’t expect Sen. Harry Reid to one day expose everything he works so hard to build every day.

What does happen, however, is revolution. The kind of revolution where countless thousand switch parties or run with the new guy. Then, for a moment, you have a clean slate, a new Washington D.C., a town where what was true yesterday is no longer true.

These revolutions come and go, and they seem to go before they are complete. Yet, someone somewhere sees the bigger picture and fights on while everyone else went home. Take the Reagans and Lincolns, for instance. Those who woke up one morning and decided that their life wasn’t worth much if they didn’t give every thing they had or could muster to defeat our would-be oppressors of liberty.

If you are the type that showed up at the Tea Parties, I wish I could call myself one of you. But if you are, remember, that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. You can’t just vote for a candidate or a party and call it quits. You own the guy, Hound him. Question his motives. When he fails to live up to his elected purpose, turn on him like a pack of rabid dogs. Make sure he understands that his job is to keep you happy, not the other way around.

And when you see government doing something you don’t think is right, stand up and shout THEM down. Tell them how they’re wrong to take what’s not theirs and to interfere where they have no business interfering.  Be willing to go to court, to sue, and to otherwise harass any government official, elected or otherwise, who doesn’t mind trampling the people’s rights.

That’s a sword that cuts both ways. When you see someone stand up and carry the banner of individual liberty and limited government, and I mean, stand up, not just speak up, stand right there with them, no matter what party or persuasion they come from. When you see a government official, from the beat cop to the highest judge, take the bull by its horns and defend our precious liberties, lay a wreath of laurels on them, give them your praise and your honor. Stand up for them like they stood up for you.

Liberty is a twisted mess. No one’s in control. We consign our fate to the hands of God, and work our butts off to get what we need to make it, all the while trying our best not to trample on our fellow men. That leads to a lot of conflicts, a lot of misunderstandings, and requires a lot of compromise and understanding.

But with government, we are dealing with a dragon with an insatiable appetite. We give each other, as people, as humans, the benefit of a doubt. But with government, even the faintest inkling of corruption, represented by merely placing a shadow on an individual’s liberty or the precepts of limited government, must be met with devastating political force and inconquerable wills.

I wish that Mr. Smith ended differently. I wish he was thrown out of office, that the bad guys won the fight of the day. Mr. Paine and Boss Taylor would smoke an uneasy cigar in the backroom while being patted on the back. The liar who made up the contract would be hiding in the shadows with his head cast low. Perhaps in the background you’d hear a muffled gunshot or perhaps you’d see the hint of a shadow of someone hanging themselves. But that wouldn’t affect them as they sipped their whiskey and gloated over their victory. The devil himself would find company among them, and if you could see it, you would see them thoroughly chained from head to toe.

Back in his hometown, a crowd of young boys and men and women would be gathered at his home. There’d be lots of long faces, downward cast eyes, and limbs in casts and bandages.

Mr. Smith would enter the crowd with a calm smile, head held high. Then he’d reach down, and grab someone with a broken arm or a broken leg by the neck and smile like bright daylight. And that smile would spread like contagion through the wounded and battered. Then they’d pledge an oath with the simple words, “It’s only just begun.”

That is what tyrants fear most—the enemy, being conquered and thoroughly defeated, who will not die, but like the hydra, sprouts ten new heads for each severed one. And that is the hero we live to be.


One Response to “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”

  1. clay barham Says:

    Natural rights are the gifts of our Creator, not government. It is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, describing individual freedom. It only exists in America and is under assault today. Free individuals are the only pebble-droppers; the nails sticking up that government people are afraid of tripping over and seek to hammer down. It also means individual self-interest is more important than are the interest of communities. Obama and modern Democrats are opposed to that, as they are united in their support of Rousseau and Marx, not Jefferson and Madison. Check for a new book, SAVE PEBBLE DROPPERS & PROSPERITY, soon to be on

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