Racism in the White House


So, Harry Reid says something that, while it may be true, is very racially insensitive and does nothing to encourage people to abandon racism. I believe the quote was that Barack Obama was electable because his skin was a lighter shade of black and he didn’t speak with a “negro dialect” unless he wanted to.

This is, of course, a very bad thing to say, especially when you are saying it as a reason to elect a guy. A political scientist or a historian might be able to get away with it as simply reporting the facts. A politician who is building a campaign for a guy says it and it is racist.

Imagine he had said that Hillary Clinton was electable because her skin was white, she wasn’t bad looking, and she didn’t talk with that shrill accent that most housewives with cheating husbands use. Imagine that he said it as something to help her get elected, or show how strong a candidate was.

Or if he said that Robert Bird would make a great president because not only is he white, but a white male who formerly belonged to the KKK.

If I was a member of the black race whose skin color is a slightly darker shade of black than Barack Obama, or whose dialect is associated with people of a particular skin color, I would be extremely offended. The meaning of Harry Reid’s statement is that if you are a democrat, you need not apply for national office if you are too dark or can’t speak white.

What would frustrate me even more is the fact that he didn’t callHarry Reid to the carpet for saying such and insensitive thing, and explain to the world that democrats do not elect people based on their skin color, or lack thereof, and that any democrat who would change their vote because of the way someone talks or the color of their skin should be ashamed, ashamed of themselves for being a throwback to the times of segregation and slavery. Instead, Barack Obama practically fist bumped Harry Reid, gave him a pat on the back and handed him a lifetime “get out of the racial doghouse” card.

To even extend the insult, Harry Reid then goes back home to announce how many black friends he has. And the worst bit is most of them are a lighter shade of black. I think he is trying to send a message to black-black Americans.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party and Tea Party Activists are accepting applications for higher office from anyone, regardless of national origin or how dark or light your skin shade is. If you’re willing to stand up for individual rights and stand against government for the sake of limited government, then we will gladly support you in whatever way we can. Those who believe skin color defines a man’s character or electability need not apply.

And those voters who would change their vote based on skin color? You all can stay democrat. We’ll take the rest of you, however.


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