Socialism = Evil


A long time ago, someone wrote:

Explain to me how talking about providing healthcare leads to concentration camps.

In the current bill, there is a provision to fine and imprison people who refuse to buy government-approved health insurance.

If these people don’t buy government-approved health insurance, they will end up in concentration camps.

Corporations can’t build concentration camps. They can’t take away your right to eat, breath, say, do, or own what you want. Only governments can.

Folks, Socialism is a very serious evil. Compared to Fascism and Communism, it seems harmless and a little cute and furry. But it is an evil nonetheless. Sure, you won’t be steamrollered into asphalt, like Christian missionaries in North Korea have been. They probably won’t starve an entire state to death like Stalin did to the Ukraine. And socialists tend not to start wars over territory and idealogy.

But socialism is a cancer, a rust, a disease, a virus, that kills freedom and liberty nonetheless. Your chains may be silk, but they are chains nonetheless. Your cell may be warm, but it is still a cell.


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