Do You Agree that We Should We Should Send Money Haiti?


Does it seem right to you for the Federal Government to collect taxpayer money and send it to Haiti to help the people there?

It certainly sounds charitable, doesn’t it?

Consider this.

If Barack Obama declared that he would send NO federal money to Haiti, but that he expected YOU to send YOUR money to Haiti, would you feel somehow deprived? I mean, does the money have to pass through the Federal Government before it becomes charitable?

There are things that the Federal Government must collect taxes for, things that no organization but something like the Federal Government can do.

Charity is definitely not one of them.

Stop spending our federal money on charity. Instead, tell the people to send as much money as they like.

Does the separation of church (and things churches do, such as charity) and state (and the things states do like wage war and enforce laws) mean anything anymore to you guys on the left?


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