Is He Insane, or Just Another Socialist?


Chavez Deems Whale Sperm, Pickles ‘Essential’ Items

So, a government somewhere in the world has determined that people are too stupid to figure out what to buy and where to buy it from. I hope this isn’t news to anyone. This is exactly the kind of things governments do, but Exxon cannot do.

What’s funny is the arbitrary nature of “essential” versus “non-essential” items. I mean, who’d a thunk that Whale Sperm was “essential”? “Mom, I need Whale Sperm.” “For what?” “Mom, it’s essential!

Of course, what’s odd are the things on the non-essential list. Bleach, for instance. I cannot imagine living in any country, anywhere, especially a less-than-sanitary one, without bleach. Heck, I use bleach often in my own house, especially after I cut chicken or pork. I used it daily, sometimes several times a day, in Seoul, South Korea.

The list is odd because someone who really doesn’t care about what’s truly essential or non-essential to individuals is making the determination. Yet again, something that only governments can do. Enron, in all its horrible glory, would never dare classify products all across the economy as “essential” and “non-essential”. If they did, we’d have a hearty chuckle and point out how stupid they are for trying.

If this were simply a harmless list, we could laugh it off as well. But it’s not. If you live in Venezuela, you have to pay 4.3 bolivars per dollar on imported “non-essential” goods, while you pay 2.3 bolivars per dollar on imported “essential” goods.

The fact that a government can dare set a single price, even if it is the exchange rate, is absurd. Prices are not determined except by the people entering a transaction. No third party can force anyone to sell anything at a given price, nor force anyone to buy it. If the price is wrong, then people stop selling and people stop buying, and trade disappears for that commodity. Then powerful market forces come into play to either raise or lower the price until the price is right.

A government is the only entity that can dare dictate prices to people who don’t trade with it. A government is the only entity that would dare enforce those prices with physical punishment, including fines and imprisonment, and in some countries like North Korea, death. No corporation, no matter how massive, would be able to enforce their prices on any market for long. Even OPEC has troubles dictating their own prices, let alone the price of oil in countries outside of OPEC. (No government can possibly regulate international trade—only the trade within their own country.)

This isn’t wishful thinking or vain exercises of the intellect. This is how the real world works. Gravity pulls things down to the earth. Prices are set by the buyer and seller.

Now, understanding the laws of nature and how economics really works, one has to wonder: Is Hugo Chavez insane?

The answer is, sadly, yes. See, he is insane because he believes, honestly, things that aren’t true and will never be true. He is as insane as Hitler was in that they both believed seeking, obtaining, and exercising power somehow made them happier people.

Is this just a problem with Chavez? Unfortunately, no. All socialists seem to think following a similar pattern. In that way, we can safely declare socialists insane, because they believe what is not true and what can never be true.

Socialism isn’t just wrong, though. It’s actually evil. The end results of socialism is inevitably the infringement of our natural, unalienable rights by government.


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