Imperial America


The communists and anti-Americans have long criticized America as imperial. Now, they are criticizing America for not being imperial enough in Haiti. Apparently, if we had sent more troops to Haiti earlier, this whole thing wouldn’t have ended up with so many dead bodies in the streets.

I think the communists have it right, for once. It’s time for America to seriously reconsider its role in the world. As the sole superpower, it really is up to us to share the wealth with the people of the world. By holding back, we are showing ourselves as selfish and arrogant.

Unfortunately, the kind of wealth we have isn’t transferable. It requires a great deal of preparation on the receiver’s part.

In order to prepare the world to receive the gift of our fantastic wealth, it is up to us to first free the world from whatever slave-masters they live under.

We can start with small, despotic third-world countries like Haiti first. A few thousand troops with air support can topple any violent regime and keep violent gangs in check. Using the same techniques we used in Iraq, we can teach the people of that country how to fend for themselves and give them the basic foundation of civic society—peace through strength.

Once we’ve toppled the country’s government, it is time to admit it into our nation as a territory. Of course, we’ll put it up for a vote. I strongly doubt anyone would turn down this opportunity of a lifetime, however.

If they do, we’ll allow our troops to stay until a stable government is established. Then we’ll gradually pull our troops out as they are no longer needed. Should things go wrong again, however, we will be quick to restore order and peace. And perhaps we’ll give them a second chance to join our union.

As the country’s population gradually learns that the necessities of life can only be obtained through individual hard work, they will begin to prosper, whether or not they are a US territory.

As a territory, we can levy a small tax on the population when they’ve achieved some sort of normalcy. This will be used to raise and maintain an army from among their people to defend themselves from their own warlords and possible violent neighbors. These soldiers will be under the Federal Government’s command and we will bear strict responsibility for their behavior. However, we will defer most matters to the civil government we either appointed or allowed them to elect.

When the failed state turns into a successful territory with all the trappings of modern liberty, we can begin negotiations for admitting them into our union, if they should so desire. With truly free trade between the states, they will soon all the bounties of American prosperity, with no limits to their potential.

When we’ve cleaned up Haiti, we can turn our attention to other failed states in Central and South America. We can even begin examining countries in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Far East as possible candidates for a military invasion to free the people. The ultimate goal is to pacify the worst countries, and admit as many countries as possible as territories with the ultimate goal being full state-hood in our union.

Perhaps some countries will approach us and volunteer to be admitted as a territory before we invade them. We should be open and allow them to join with the consent of the people.

Now, there are several problems with this, and I want to address them.

First, and foremost, is the cost in human life. We certainly don’t want to see our bravest young men die on a battlefield for some other country. However, if we consider that the failed state may soon turn into a state sponsor of terrorism, or otherwise hurt our people, it becomes apparent that a few deaths today will save a lot of lives in the future. Lives can only be compared with other lives, and the fewer that die, the better.

But we can also start something akin to the French Foreign Legion. Anyone from any country can join our US military. We can encourage nationals of countries we are hostile with to join as well. Of course, they’d have to swear an oath to our constitution, and of course, we’d likely reward them with citizenship. And if we ever invaded their home country, we’d have them lead the charge. In this way, we can use volunteers from all over the world to pay the bitter price that must be paid to bring peace to failed regions.

But what about forcing our will on the people? Obviously, it’s wrong to force people to accept liberty. But it is also wrong to leave slaves in chains. As we operate, we will operate by choice in free and fair elections. (Elections where slaves “get” to vote for their slave masters don’t count, of course.) If a country decides to remain independent, that is not a problem with us.

What about the cost of fighting wars and civilizing the uncivilized? These costs can be recuperated through taxes (if they choose to become a territory) or through an invoice. Yes, we can send an invoice to a freed people, and ask that they pay back the cost of the war. Not all nations will pay it back in a timely manner, but many will. However, the vast economic ability of our people will be the primary source of revenue. Opening up new economies with new resources and new populations will always be more than a reward for the economic cost of war.

Now, hopefully having addressed the concerns above, I want to emphasize a critical point. Imperialism isn’t necessarily evil. Rome and Greece and Britain all brought a great peace to the world as they ruled their vast territories.

Done right, imperialism can be liberating. Since our form of government protects the individual’s rights, they will have more freedom being a territory of the United States than they do today. Ask Germany, Italy, France, South Korea, Japan and Philippines how they feel about American imperialism. They are going to complain loudly about all the terrible things we did, but a the same time, they will be forced to admit that never in their entire history had they experienced such a wonderful blessing of liberty as under the rule of the Americans.

But more especially, despite the fact that we are the sole super-power, that doesn’t mean other lesser powers aren’t mobilizing the same imperialist strategies against us. Osama bin Laden was able to organize an extra-national military to attack us. Iran runs an inter-national terrorist operation spanning many nations and organizations. The Soviet Union in times past had won the hearts and pocket books of countless thousands of agents in all countries from all walks of life, including our great nation.

It’s not a matter of whether this is good or bad. War is always bad. It’s really a matter of the alternative. When war and imperialism is the lesser of two evils, then it is the best path to pursue.

But consider this. The ultimate fruits of this effort would be a world where…

  • Every nation was united under a limited, constitutional federal government run by representatives of each nation.
  • Every individual’s rights would be the ultimate end of every government.
  • Every nation’s borders would be open to immigration and trade, wiping away borders except for political purposes.
  • Every individual would have the power to choose their own government.
  • Every individual would have the power to worship freely, speak their mind freely, bear arms to defend themselves, and every other right we take for granted today.

Is this such a bad gift that we should hold back?


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