For Americans: On Scott Brown


Scott Brown beat impossible odds because:

  1. He is a great campaigner.
  2. He listens to the people.
  3. He understands where freedom comes from.
  4. He understands where prosperity comes from.

Scott Brown listened to what the people were saying, and he acted upon it. As he goes to the Senate, he’ll keep on listening, and fighting for, the people.

Scott Brown doesn’t belong to a party. He belongs to the American People.

That senate seat never belonged to Ted Kennedy or the democrats. It was, and always will be, the people’s seat.

If you want something badly enough in government, you will get it.

It appears that Americans everywhere are demanding smaller government, less regulation and spending, and lower taxes. If the Republicans intend to deliver on this, they will win in 2010. If not, then there will be further chaos.


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