Strangling Government with Tax Cuts


Of the many ways to achieve, through political means, limited government, perhaps the most effective is turning out to be tax cuts.

The strategy is simple. Teach people that taxes are bad because taxes hurt everyone. Then proceed to cut taxes, ignoring the concept of spending altogether. For every economic crisis, propose more and deeper tax cuts. When tax cuts increase tax revenue, advertise tax cuts as a way to increase state revenue. Eventually, the tax cuts will be so deep that they will hurt. And hopefully, tax cuts will become a positive term, instead of the pejorative it was intended to be.

Meanwhile, tax cuts are like a boa constrictor, gripping viciously at the government budgets across our country, never giving an inch but taking whatever it can get at the same time.

As government runs out of money, they have to make a decision. Either they will raise taxes (no longer politically possible), or cut spending. Borrowing is a temporary measure. It will be used until it can no longer be used.

The argument is attempting to be made that we need to raise taxes to fund core services. This may have worked in times past, but the people today are not so naive anymore. We know that you have plenty of money for the roads, soldiers, firefighters, the police and schools without raising taxes. All you have to do is stop wasting your money on plywood art.

Right now, the federal government is at the stage where the tax cuts hurt. It can no longer spend like it wants to. And our credit limit is rapidly being exhausted. This democratic administration is faced with the ultimate question: What do we cut, and how quickly?

Washington State hit that a while ago. The last spending spree only happened because the democratic legislature and governor refused to return the surplus to the people, or preserve it for the future. Today, Washington State cannot borrow money and it cannot raise taxes. It must cut spending.

That was the original goal of those who championed tax cuts, a government that doesn’t even try to do everything, but instead does only those things necessary to secure our liberties.

One day, we are going to have a federal government that asks the people, “Social Security or tax cuts?”, and the people will say, “Tax cuts.” Our state government may ask, “Schools or tax cuts?”, and the people will say “Tax cuts.” When that happens, then we are free to cut away all the socialist and unconstitutional line items from the federal government. Then we can restore America as the most free land in the world.

In order to get to that day, beat the drum on tax cuts, all of them, all the time, the deeper the better.

Because today, after Scott Brown’s victory, even the democrats are considering tax cuts as a way to restore favor with the people.


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