Supreme Court Upholds Constitution


A lot of liberals are freaking out about the Supreme Court’s ruling today. They seem to draw a distinction between the “people” and the “corporations”. I’ve never understood this myself.

What is a corporation? It’s an entity created to aggregate the efforts of several people into one. It’s the ultimate dream come true in a world of property rights. Now, you don’t have to be the sole owner, you can share ownership. Corporations are a creation of the people. You are free to create a corporation whenever you want one.

Now, granted, some corporations are very large. But these corporations are large because they represent a lot of people. Coca-Cola, for instance, is composed of all the board members, the chief officers, the managers, salesmen, marketers, manufacturers, scientists, bottlers, distributors, and shareholders of that company. It represents the economic interests of those group of people, all working together for a common goal.

The people have the right to form corporations, for any lawful purpose, and they have the right to direct that corporation to speak on their behalf. Such speech isn’t free in price. The right to bear arms isn’t free in price either. Getting your message out to the people you want to reach in the way you want to reach them is really expensive. So these corporations have to spend a great deal of money, time, and effort to see that they communicate the right idea with the right people.

When such speech is directed to politics, it is no more malevolent than any other political speech. In fact, the corporation, by the facts of the situation, is all but guaranteed to say that which will only help the economic interests of the people who make up the corporation. When Coke speaks to politics, it speaks on behalf of the jobs of millions of people.

Liberals worry about politicians being bought and sold. This is absurd, unless you are of the mindset that politicians are for sale. I don’t support people who will sell their vote. I don’t expect you to do so either. Elect those people which have shown themselves to have a conscience and have shown themselves to put a higher priority on that conscience than their economic situation, and you will at least choose an honest politician.

But let’s suppose politicians were so corrupt that they could be bought. (Imagine all senators were like Sen. Nelson, willing to trade his moral stance on abortion for federal funding in his state.) What then?

Why, those people who have the greatest interest in politics will spend the most money and buy the most politicians. In essence, the government would be for sale, with those who stand to benefit the most working hardest to take control.

Who benefits the most from government? A free people or the despot? It takes a bit of faith in the free market to see that a free people are more prosperous than a despot. In other words, the sum total aggregated wealth of the American people is far greater than any despot who could ever hope to rule over the same.

In other words, the economic interests of the people will always coincide with that which maximizes freedom. Yes, I am saying that were the people free to buy their own government, they would purchase a government that would give them economic liberty, just laws, low taxes, and limited government.

It is only when we keep the people out of politics that bad things happen. By eliminating the limits to corporate spending on politics, the people (who are the corporations) can now influence politics in the right proportion to their economic interests.

It is this, and this alone, that the liberal fears most. Because ultimately, the liberal does not want individual rights and limited government.


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