Basic Lessons in Leadership: Don’t Trash Your People


Apparently, Barack Obama went to the school of management that teaches you to blame the little guy.

The American Future Fund ran an ad explaining the pattern for those who can’t see it themselves. (link)

I am sure that Obama is going to inspire thousands of democrats across the country to stick their necks out during a bad year to try and keep it from getting worse. I’m being sarcastic, of course.

In reality, Obama’s behavior is driving his closest friends away from him. I don’t mind when leaders who are set against me do this. It’s kind of inspiring, in a way.

If, on the other hand, I saw this type of behavior on my side of political issues, I would be extremely upset because they would be driving away potential recruits.

President Obama, please continue to blame everyone else. It’s not your fault, really. You are just the president of the United States.


One Response to “Basic Lessons in Leadership: Don’t Trash Your People”

  1. 25 Year Old Woman Says:

    This was a good read! Totally agree.

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